thoughts, thoughts.

I do not understand people sometimes. It makes me wonder what goes in their mind when they do things. What’s the motivation behind their actions? It’s just a question that has been bugging me and I continue try to read people on why they do things. Some seem genuine, but others seem to be contrived. Maybe there is really an underlying reason here that I cannot comprehend. And to be honest, I should not really care.

Anyway, on other things… I finally decided to add a rest day in my week. My knees have been sore and I do not want to aggravate it. I’ll probably skip Wednesday volleyball days and use that as my rest day. Monday, Thursday, Saturday will be my volleyball days, and Sunday, Tuesday, Friday will be my workout days. It makes sense in my head, but let’s see how this will translate to reality.

Last Sunday, I visited Oxford, OH and just walked around Miami University and High Street. It was a pretty little college town. It made me want to go back to school and just have a sense of focus and purpose. Of course, it is not easily done. Financially, it’s going to be difficult. Tuition fees here in the US are just too much! And, for sure, I have to shake up my life to fit this in and something definitely has to be sacrificed. Trade offs! I did spend a night researching a few schools before and felt that OSU would be the top contender to get an MBA degree. Wishful thinking.

I’ve also been obsessing with deal hunting! I got an LG Tone + for $31, and most likely will trade in my iPad Mini 2 and iPhone 4S for an iPad Air 2. Best Buy has a good trade in deal there and it seems to be a sensible switch since my content consumption might be better suited with this. Also, forward planning, when I get a new iPhone next year, it’s probably the same size of the 6 which means I have a bigger screen for content consumption on the fly.

It’s just Tuesday. I wish the weekend comes quickly!

quiet mornings and more


For the past few days, I’ve been enjoying my quiet and less stressful mornings. My project is drawing to a close and that means no more busy mornings when I chase after folks in Europe. My next project is in Mexico and that only means that I am taking back my mornings! I can leisurely make breakfast and really use my Nespresso without thinking much about work. One of the few things I am grateful with.

The weekend has been pretty busy for me. Other than my normal volleyball schedule, I was able to do some shopping for the care package for my parents. Since I do not have plans of going to the Philippines this December, a balikbayan box should do it. It’s not the same, but it’s the thought that counts right? Anyway, I visited Costco twice this weekend and I really love this place! You always get good finds here!


There’s also a pair of shoes I’ve been eyeing like crazy. The problem is that it’s $125 and I do not know if I can calm my thoughts to go through with the purchase. I just find it too expensive. I do not spend so much for shoes because I do not really take care of them. I drag my feet, and I do not clean them enough. Maybe if I get a pricey one, I’ll take care of him (my head thinks no). Let’s see!

My mom told me last night I was looking more trimmed and that is music to my ears. I have been trying to focus on my workouts, and diet for the past few weeks. I am happy that I am getting some validation here. Volleyball yesterday was also better for me. I felt snappier in my approaches for blocking and hitting, but I still need a lot of work in my ball handling/passing.

I forgot to mention that I watched Gone Girl last weekend as well. I really loved the book and I was thrilled that the movie did not disappoint. I think a big part of it is because Gillian Flynn also wrote the screenplay of the movie and David Fincher has provided good direction based on Flynn’s vision. Rosamund Pike was awesome as Amazing Amy (my muse!) and Ben Affleck portrayed Nick very well too. My friend Dave was not that happy with the ending but I thought it was really apt!

another terrible volleyball day.

My game today is off once again. I really do not know why, but I think I’ve been playing really bad for the past few weeks. I think I need to focus on training once again and get myself back into shape. I’ll probably cut back on my volleyball days and increase my gym days. Right now, I think I’ll stick with my Thu & Sat LAF days, and just skip the Rec Center days on Mondays or Wednesdays. I need to research more and build a plan for myself.

do you seek feedback outside of work?

Do you seek feedback outside of work? This question made me wonder. In our workplace, we usually have appraisal processes that has feedback mechanisms to get other people’s thoughts on how you did at work. These would be taken into account in coming up with your performance review and determine your strengths, and opportunity areas. But, that’s at work. In our personal lives, we encounter a lot of people who would not usually provide feedback to you if you are doing well or not. Our work selves do not necessarily translate to how we manage our lives. So, how do we improve ourselves other than self-examination?

I am doing an exercise on seeking feedback from some of the people around me informally so I can incorporate that in my self-improvement plan. I already did that for my workmates since this year’s performance review mechanism is just limited to 5-6 people and I worked with 20 people this year.

There should be an app for this… seriously.

Weekly / October 5

I can’t believe that it is October already. There are just 2 more months to go and then it is 2015. I really need to start planning my 2015 goals and really keep to it. I made some 2014 goals but I have failed in diligently managing them. I need to devise a system to be able to manage my goals and stick to it. It’s just that when work piles up, it is the first thing to go. Not the best idea to be honest.

Anyway, what’s been going on? Work-wise, my current project is already winding down after being put on hold by my customer. I am getting into s new one and the good thing is that it is nearer to my time zone so I am happy about that. No more 5AM calls! Woohoo. I finally did my self-evaluation for my annual performance review. I don’t know what I will get this year (if I get any rewards at all) but I am not really expecting much. I think I did well this year but I know that I need to work on a lot of things. I am so not ready for prime time.

This weekend’s weather is just blah. We are in the 40s and I am not ready for this. Yesterday, Irene and I went to the Luxottica sale. We had to line up at 6am in the low 40s. It was not a fun 2 hour wait. I got some good deals in the sale though. I bought a D&G sun glasses which are awesome and cheap and another pair of my everyday glasses in Oakley. I got each at $38. I really love this about America. Amazing sales!

Another thing I’ve restarted is the 100 Push-ups program. I did that before but decided to start this again because my volleyball game has been terrible. I need to physically condition myself better. So far I feel stronger already which is a nice feeling. My explosiveness is lagging though so I need to do more plyometrics and sprints in the gym. It’s all about focus and commitment. If you want something, you’ve gotta work for it.

Other notable shoutouts this week:
– my mom celebrated her 60th birthday. She’s officially a senior citizen with all the discounts that come with it in Manila.
– Annabel’s is still awesome.
– I’ve been enjoying doing salads lately. I think that’s why I feel better too. (Random and unfounded correlation)
– I’ve been watching a lot of movies lately — transformers 3, Lucy, neighbors, edge of tomorrow, maybe this time, bride for rent.
– TV shows are back as well! Scandal, How to get away with murder, awkward, the vampire diaries, the voice

Changing the mindset.

I was trying to find answers why I should continue to strive to be better. As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve kinda settled in that zone where I do not think I have anything to strive for. I really do not have big aspirations in life anymore, and that sorta pushes me to some kind of borderline mediocre zone where I just skate around to get by. My gut tells me this should not be the case. This is not who I am. I’ve been a fighter, and a people pleaser. Good enough is not an option because there’s always something to improve. It can always be better.

I know myself, and I’ve always wanted something to be better. I perform self-examination (too much sometimes) and I know my strengths, and weaknesses. I should exploit my strengths and improve my weaknesses. Actually, I should not just want to be better, but really think that I need to be better. There’s no other choice but to help myself to be someone greater than who I am today.

Another rambling post.

Step it up.

I really need to step it up and strive to be better with what I do in life. For the past few years, I’ve just been skating around and just letting things go because I am not really driving things to a higher level. Playing volleyball earlier in terrible form just made me realize how much I really need to work harder. I think as I grow older, I just tend to let things go because I am settled in my comfort zone. What else do I need to prove, right? Well, prove that you can be better yourself. I really need to push myself harder to greater heights. Tracking achieve quantifiable goals again might be something I need to restart. I’ve done this, and I know I can do this again. Take that Excel file and plot those data points and try to do a data-based tracking one again.

Take accountability. Ask for help. Work for it.