Once and more.

I’m still in my Once high and I’ve been continuously playing the soundtrack everyday. I wish I can capture it in film and watch it at home. I can dream.

Last night, I watched Mockingjay Part 1 with some friends. Similar to my reaction to the book, it was a bit boring since most of the action really happened when the rebels stormed The Capital. They should not have just split the movie into two. It could stand as one movie, but I guess Hollywood needs some more money making schemes.

I have not really mentioned Interstellar anywhere in my blog even if I’ve seen this already last week. Nolan proves to be a visionary once again, but I thought it was a bit lazy to use the specific deus ex machina. The first 2 acts were amazing and emotional, but the last act felt a bit rushed and bordering WTF is this. I like the science of it and it really made me go gaga with all the astronomy stuff in it.

This week made me more at ease to be honest. I think I still have remnants of the high I felt of having Elle around here. It was very comforting to be able to feel again the kind of relationships I’ve left behind in the Philippines. It’s just so different here in Cincinnati where I feel that I have to fend off for everything! Everyone is just caught up on “making it” or “living life” here that sometimes, you miss the point of having quality connections with people who are willing to share lives with you. Living life independently and not relying on other people are still something I need to focus on, but it’s also good to be able to share some life stories with other people and just freely convey your thoughts/feelings without judgement.

Anyway, it is Saturday and this upcoming week is Thanksgiving week. I should be able to rest more and really listen to my doctor’s request of resting my left knee due to Patellofemoral pain syndrome. I’ll have to manage and wing this because at this point, I really do not want to give up playing volleyball. I’ve purchased a knee sleeve last Thursday and so far, it has stabilized my left knee and did not experience any pain. So for this week ahead, I will rest more, and finish reading The Leftovers. I need to finish it for our book club, and to move on to Percy Jackson! I still have not read Blood of Olympus! Gah!

some updates

While I keep my left knee iced because of some jumper’s knee (or runner’s knee), let me try to be productive and put out an update here.

A good friend of mine from PH visited Cincinnati! I really had loads of fun with Elle being here and even if I had to go out of my way to just be there, it was worth it. I mentioned that I felt happier in the Philippines because of all the relationships I’ve built and nourished that kept me sane. However, I still prefer a better quality of life and I’m also happy here in the US.


I finally got to watch Once the musical. This is one of my favorite musicals now and I was so enthralled by the story, music and characters. Guy was also very hot with an amazing Brit accent. I was a very happy camper. My seats were also awesome!

This week, we had our first snow fall. It’s pretty unusual actually because it’s November! It’s still autumn, and we aren’t supposed to receive any wintry weather this early! Bah.


Personal growth

I can say that I have not really focused on improving myself seriously in terms of what I do. Career-wise, I’ve been skating around and just taking things head on. I was looking at my old projects and realized how much better I was than who I am now. I can admit that I’ve really let things go and not really put in more than what I usually can give. This is alarming, and really needs loads of attention in terms of getting out of this black hole.

Know strengths, and weaknesses. Look at the options on the table. Create corrective actions, and improvement plans. Be better.

sad news

I heard of sad news from work today. Someone from work took his own life and it just really made me think how we do not know people. I only know of him from work, but not personally. I do not even think he knows my name. Honestly though, I never thought that he was having a crisis, but like anyone trying to transition, I can imagine the possibility. It feels like a dark cloud swept by because he’s someone I’ve seen in the office walking around, and suddenly, not anymore. And, one of the saddest idea though is that business goes on as usual. Life moves on and we try to fill the void.


Targets for the day:
- go to Costco for a stroll
- eat dimsum
- go to Whole Foods for milk, and hotdogs
- put boxes to the recycling bin
- clean up FY13 mail from inbox
- read more of The Leftovers for the book club

Last night, I watched The Usual Suspects. I thought that it was very intelligent, but nothing that really made me feel WHOA. The ending was a great twist, but it did not leave me excited like how Shutter Island did.

Also, I had my first bread making misadventure. I tried to re-do the ensaymada recipe I saw but with half quantities. I don’t know what went wrong and I’ll probably have to ask my baker friends, but it just did not knead properly. I had to throw it earlier when it was hard as a rock.

I still have the cough and it’s quite annoying. I will probably just rest today and workout tomorrow (skipping Monday night volleyball). If Tuesday gets a good number of players, I’ll come out to OTR, and just workout + yoga on Wednesday. I really need to give my body the chance to recover!


I still feel a bit off today. I thought that I was already 100% well after my little bout with some fever, sore throat and cough last Tuesday. I still feel a bit weak, and lethargic. I was a bit out of focus while playing volleyball earlier. And the cool weather is really not helping at all. Well, it is November.

It excites me a bit because I know that it is a new fiscal year at work, so that means I kinda start a new slate and I can create new SMART targets and work on achieving them. After another change of manager this year, I just hope that my new manager can help me grow professionally. Also, I am not really closing my doors for opportunities outside the company. Heck, I’d want one especially if it is in one of the locations that I want to move to. I just want something to change for the better in 2015.

Yes, it’s really time to think about the future and see what I really want to do or work on in 2015 in my personal life. I try to create targets/goals every year just to work on my self, but this year has been really a big blah year. I am grateful for the opportunities, but I was not really into it. I did not want it enough I think.

I have enough time to do further self-examination in the next few weeks. I think what I need to really decide is what I want to do this December. I took 3 weeks off, but I did not really plan anything about it. It can just be a staycation and doing some road trips around. Let’s see what my wanderlust (or laziness) will bring me.

saturday mornings.

I like Saturday mornings because it is very quiet, and I know that I have another morning the next day where in I can just be relaxed and not think of work. It’s almost November and I really, really feel that time has gone by so quickly. I have this mixed feeling of not doing enough with the time that I have, and enjoying the moment by doing absolutely nothing.

This week, I have received a bunch of the things I have purchased in deals. I got my —
- LG Tone+ which I got for $31,
- my iPad Air 2 that I only paid for $180 after trading in my old iPad Mini, iPhone 4S and a mover’s coupon
- my Logitech iPad Air case for $30 from Costco

I’ve enjoyed getting those good deals, but I really need to stop a bit and save up some more. The holidays are coming right up and for sure, I’ll be spending like crazy again. I already have a gift to myself planned out. I just need to buy it in Chicago. No, it’s not a Shake Shack burger which is opening there! Ha!

I’ve been battling productivity issues during work. Sometimes, I can work well and not be distracted by anything. However, I get days where I just do not want to work and procrastinate. I’ve tried reading some of those insaymadaBuzzfeed posts about motivation, and productivity but they have not really sticked to me. I guess just like Paleo, I need to find the right motivation/lifehack for me.

After a few months, I started baking once again. My first attempt is an ensaymada. It’s one of the few breads that I really really love! I am trying this recipe. I am not sure if it will turn out right but I am crossing my fingers!