Let it go.

I don’t know why I tend to cling to people and hope that they will be better to me. I should learn when to give up and when to hold on. It’s really tough setting expectations on people who you know will never ever meet that mental image you have created. You just need to let them grow into who they are and determine where you place in his world. If it’s not there, move on. Why bother? It’s an unnecessary burden you bring upon yourself.

Life oh life! Why are you so complicated?!

update: world, it’s your turn. I’m done.

Post vacation musings.

It’s been a few days since I returned from my vacation. I thought I would feel energized and excited to be back to work. The vacation was supposed to be a sort of rest period during my stressful work schedule. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. I actually want a vacation from my vacation because it was really tiring emotionally and physically. But to be honest, it was really fun. It really feels good to have a break from work and just be exhausted from having fun. I am so excited to plan for the next vacation.

What’s your purpose? I think this kinda jarred me at the start in finding the reason on why people travel. It makes it a big complicated when you actually travel with them. For me, I was really there to experience the city and enjoy the company of friends that I have not seen for quite some time. Of course, I was not sure if everyone was on the same page here, but I quickly recovered when I realized that. I still enjoyed my time with the original purpose intact. In SF, I was able to finally go to Napa Valley, and do more of the touristy stuff in San Francisco. I spent a good time with Jon and Don who I have not seen for months. I met new friends through Danuel so it was pretty neat as well.

Extremes. SF Pride is just overwhelming and exhausting. There was just an abundance of stimuli everywhere that just throws you off sometimes. It drives people crazy — including me. It was tiring too. Everyday, I slept around 3 AM, spending time with Dan and Chuck on the 1st night, with other friends on the 2nd night and went solo on the 3rd night. By Monday, I was already ready to just sleep in the whole day to be honest. I was just tired and ready to call it over. It was also good that I had DC to look forward to so I was just really ready for my DC trip when Monday rolled in.

Future Home. Once again, I visit a place and I profess my undying love to that city. Sorry, still no love for SanFo, but DC is just a-mazing. It is now the #1 place to move for me because the city is just spectacular. The weather is not as bad as Chicago, and it is really progressive. Of course, landing a job there is a different story because almost all jobs are for the Federal government — a tough cookie to crack. For now, it is an option along with Chicago and Seattle. I’m excited about it.


I decided to take a week off from work and have a vacation. The past 6 months have been crazy for me and I really need some time off from work. I noticed that I was becoming more irritable, ineffective and demotivated. It’s the perfect time for a good change up so I can finally clear my mind and hopefully put some focus again in what I want to do in life. 

The original plan was just to head to San Francisco for Pride with Danuel. I was already set to head back home to Cincinnati after that, but fuck it, I booked another trip. This time to DC. That will be my vacation from my vacation! I am expecting this weekend to be really busy and crazy, and the DC part will be quieter and more leisurely. 

I can’t wait to experience new things. I’ll pull a Queen Elsa this weekend and will just let it go. (CORNY!)

PS: I brought my work laptop and I hope I do not need to use it next week. I need to control my self. 

I took a selfie.


I was in better spirits today which is such a relief considering it is Monday and the start of another work week. I took a selfie earlier at work just to capture that moment where I can smile and not be too nega about life. As my mantra last night goes, any issue/problem can be fixed. I just hope that this continues on and not drag me down.

That Kinda sucks.

You know you’re not gonna be productive when you discover that your laptop is dead because you forgot to charge it. And, to make it worse, Starbucks is pretty filled up with people. You see a person occupying a 4-seater with a plug beside it and you realize that you’ve gone out with him before and nothing came out of it when he started to ignore you. Since you’re non-confrontational, you do not do anything, and you just bitch about it in your blog.

Fudge. My. Life.