Columbus pride

june is one of the few months I’ve traveled a lot. Mainly because it is also pride week and try to visit cities to celebrate Pride. My first pride this year is once again Columbus. This year, I went with my friend Brian since he has not experienced a pride weekend before. This trip almost did not happen because the weather was just plain terrible. It was raining and raining and raining the entire day making pride a mess. But we decided to go on. We arrived late and the parade was over. We were wet and hungry but it was still a fun time.

At night, we ate at this place called Basil in the Brewery District. It was pretty good!  


After dinner, we decided to head to Union. It was filled with people. It’s a shame I was not able to capture the moment but there was a ton of people. We thought of going to Axis but it was already around 1 and the cover was $25 just to get in. #ByeFelicia

It was a fun Pride indeed minus the rains. Next week, I’ll be at my first Chicago Pride. I’m excited about that — and Eataly and Shake Shack. Lol!


i woke up feeling tired and sore today. I had a good number of sleep hours but I still feel fatigued. I even skipped gym last night to rest but it’s no use. I need to figure this out and get out of this funk. 

My AC at home is acting weird so I had my apartment manager check that. Hopefully that gets fixed soon because that’s one of the factors I am looking at. 

Life is getting busier than usual but I took a breather and made my first big purchase this year — an Apple Watch. To be honest, I don’t think I need it and if I will keep it. I have a week to get used to it. Let’s see. 


Hits close to home 

I got news yesterday that really gutted me. I learned that one of my childhood friends has Stage 4 AIDS. Not HIV, but full blown AIDS that’s advanced already. He’s the first person I know personally that has gotten this disease. 

My other friends and I chatted about it if we could have done more for him. We have advised him to be safe all the time but he probably didn’t care enough to listen to us. It’s frustrating because it is preventable. As long as you do not compromise yourself and you use your brain, you should be able to steer away from it even if you’re sexually active.

The news shook me because I know that death is more inevitable for him. He’s in my thoughts and will learn from this sad teachable moment. 


Before I head out to the gym, let me just put on a post so it is out of the way. For sure, I will forget about this sooner or later if I don’t do it now. Yesterday, I got to watch Jurassic World. It’s a great movie! It was entertaining and well-made! I just don’t get why they have to make Bryce Dallas Howard run around in heels. Strange.

I’m happy to say that my workouts have been pretty good. I think I’ve grown stronger and I have developed a good rhythm to push me to the next level. I weigh more now, but I do not think it’s because of fat (which I still need to trim down), but muscle. I need to focus more in my Paleo diet especially that my work location does not really offer any good options for me. So, I am thinking of removing refined sugar and grains (except rice) again from my system.

I’ve been breaking out like crazy and I am not sure if it’s because of the dust, weather, toothpaste, or sugar. Historically, these are my main culprits for breakouts. I have changed my toothpaste (goodbye Crest!) and trying to minimize sugar. I’ll change my sheets today, and do another vacuum sweep at home. Hopefully, this will manage things.  It’s annoying.

Volleyball felt better this week but I need to be disciplined to not succumb to play in consecutive days. I played Friday and Saturday and my knee complained a bit that Sat evening. It’s all about protecting the base and not to push it too much considering I am not getting any rest in physical activities. I also need to add more outdoor activities because i just do gym activities (workouts, volleyball). I’ll have to start walking around my area or head to the park for some sun.

Busy and Tired… so far!

The first week of June is over and it has been pretty busy and tiring. Work has been picking up already and as what I was dreading before, this is not a walk in the park. There will be a ton of heavy lifting and sacrifices that I need to put in. I have already put in my volleyball gear in my car when I go to the office just in case because I have also been going beyond 5PM at work. I think it’s just adjustment and I will get used to this eventually. We will see what happens here. Added stress for me is that I am breaking out like crazy. I think it’s because of the change of weather (once again) and my apartment dust levels. I need to really control this!

Volleyball this week has been such a big chore. It’s my fault as well because I played Wednesday and Thursday this week. Bad idea. Wednesday was pretty tough because it was very hot in the Rec Center. I signed up for this upcoming week and if it’s still stifling, I will drop it. So this week, the plan is to just play on Wednesday and skip Thursday. Also, I have been feeling a bit sore and heavy. I don’t know if it’s because of the progress in my weightlifting and the lack of plyometric and movement conditioning. I am thinking of tweaking that in my workout routine and see how that will look.

This weekend was nice though. Weather-wise it was fantastic. Last night, I went to Masque with some buddies and learned that it was actually Dayton Pride. I did not know! Ginger Minj was there so it was pretty neat to see her even if the cover is freaking $15.

So what’s in store for June?
– Learn VB for Excel once again
– Focus on movement and plyometrics
– Re-establish food routine
– Fix financial outlook for the rest of the year

Micro update. Jun 1

I decided to start doing “micro-updates” where I try to chronicle interesting but short entries on things I experienced or thoughts. I usually try to do a weekly to encapsulate everything that happened in a certain period bit maybe this approach can be better. 

First day high. I posted this in my FB because it’s my first day at work. I will not post a lot of stuff work-related for privacy concerns but I’ll try to still put out thoughts/epiphanies because of work. I felt excited with starting a new chapter. I am sure that this will wear off and will have days when I just want to quit due to stress or problems. For now, let me enjoy the feeling of getting something new.