#62 symposium

I spent yesterday and today in a conference attended by selected GE Asia Pacific American members called InDiGo – GE APAF Symposium. It’s basically a leadership conference for the GE Asian community where they invited various speakers to provide insights on leadership and also the opportunity to network with other GE employees. To be honest, I was a bit wary in the beginning because I already made myself believe that I’m a shy introvert who will not fit in anywhere. Over time, I forced myself to put myself out there and talk to different people and it felt awesome. There were also great tidbits from various leaders and my key take away is that we need to be comfortable being uncomfortable in order to grow further. It was a great insight and a lesson that I need to learn more especially that I have told myself that I should settle down and just take the easy/comfortable path. We need to grow constantly so we do not stagnate and regress. We need challenges and new life lessons to keep our minds sharp and have a more enriched life. I’ll probably talk more about the other things that I picked up and frame it to my experience as the days go by.


I didn’t have a good sleep last night. I watched the 2nd presidential debate until around 1130 but I was able to doze off only by 1. My mind is kinda floating and nothing is sticking. It’s just like a haze. It’s not a good feeling and I just want to scream. 

#60 PRP 1 of 2.

Last Friday, I had my PRP treatment done on my knee. PRP is Platelet-Rich Plasma. Basically, what they did was draw my blood and centrifuge it to obtain a high concentration of platelet, and inject that in my knee. The idea is that this will aid in rebuilding the patellar tendon tears in my right knee.

The treatment was around 1.5 hours and I had my friend JV wait for me. It was actually not that bad. There was an initial pain when he injected some anesthesia in my knee and that was it. I was laying down so I did not really see what he was doing with the syringe, but Dr. Velasquez used an ultrasound to aide him in determining which area he should fix.

After the shots, I was put in my knee brace and I will continue to wear this for a week. So I was practically just at home the entire weekend since Friday. The first two days, I needed to lock the brace and couldn’t move it at all. But today, I was able to add some degrees here and could sit with a 30-degree bent. It should progress until the rest of the week and I should be off the brace by end of this week and then I’m going to be in PT starting the week after before the 2nd PRP injection on the last Friday of October.

I really hope this works and can eliminate the pain in my knee and get me back in the volleyball court. My forecast is to be back in the court by Febuary 2017, but let’s see. I do want to really build the right strength not only for my knees but overall. I’ll update more as I progress but so far so good. I’m optimistic and will try my darn best to make this work.

#59 indy!

I have not really explored Indianapolis thoroughly so I was pretty excited going there for the weekend and see what it brings. It is a nice break too from Cincinnati and before my PRP treatment for Friday. 

I have not been to affluent Carmel ever except for the occasional mention of Brian. I ended up there because Moi was living there so it was the “home base”. Carmel reminded me a bit of Sagautuck so it was pretty nice and artsy. There were nice pieces on sale because there was also an art festival, but I just can’t make myself buy such expensive and impersonal art. If I’d buy a piece, I want something that ties me to it. So, I might bring out my camera again and start snapping photos. Sounds promising right? 

#56 Torn

I have been busy for the past few weeks with the move and finding new things to work on the house. Finding time to sit down and write just felt elusive but I am forcing myself now to post something and put a marker of sorts.

House. It’s been a mixture of excitement and frustration for me. I love the idea of having the ability of being able to design how my house will look like. It feels like I have a blank canvas and it’s up to me to decide how I want it to look. And that brings me to the frustration part of this homeownership. I just see an endless list of things to do that it gets tiring and overwhelming. I really need to set up a Product Backlog or Kanban Board that I can work with so it gets organized. I just need to sort more purchases that I need to do to make this house more livable. My Miele vacuum cleaner arrived today so I can start more cleaning.

Rhinitis. I was telling my friend Dave that I think I have fully assimilated here in the US because I think I have allergic rhinitis. I’ve felt congested and been sneezing for the past few days and a dose of Claritin really helped me a lot. Yes, I’ve made it. I just need my American citizenship and I’m set.

Knee. A few weeks ago, I just decided to go to a sports medicine facility to have my knee checked. I chose Beacon Ortho due to great reviews and accessibility. The doctor and his student quickly assessed my knee and ordered an MRI. He thinks it’s both patellar tear and chondromalacia with the tear more grave than the other. That prognosis was confirmed by my MRI – I have a partial patellar tear. Sadness. He recommended that I go through a PRP treatment (Platelet Rich Plasma) but I am having second doubts with it. That will require some major downtime and it can also get expensive. I’ve been reading about eccentric decline squats which seem to help rebuilding patellar tendons. I’m giving this a month to see if this helps and if not, I will probably go through the PRP treatments. More on this.

#55 33

I was trying to get some inspiration of sorts for my birthday post by reading through my past entries. All I can think of was gratitude to be honest. Some of my closest friends would attest how birthdays throw me to a funk because I’ve always felt aimless and to some extent, a failure to an unreasonable standard I put myself. I’m my worst critic. But, looking back, I want to learn to be more grateful without settling down to mediocrity. I want to shoot for the stars but I should not be bogged down when I do not reach it. I should keep it high and above and continue to strive to reach it.

My 33rd year of life is no different. Originally, I wanted to kick an item off my bucket list – travel to UK. That’s not happening this year, and I need a big dose of fiscal discipline to make it work next year. But, the flipside is that I purchased my first house. It’s surreal for me to be honest, because a part of me tells me that “I do not deserve this”, but another part screams “you worked hard for this. Own it”. I always thought of it as a dream, and not something achievable by this time. Heck, a house was never in the picture!

This year, I celebrated it with some good friends at Bella Luna (as per my request). It’s all fun! When I looked back at my old posts, I’m pretty surprised that there were tons of milestones close to my birthday. In 2011, I moved to the US for good (July 30 is the exact anniversary actually. Happy 5th!). In 2012, I celebrated my birthday in New York. In 2013 (my 30th!), I spent it with friends in Chicago and gained new ones to boot! 2014 was a low key birthday here in Cincinnati, but I bought my VW Golf. 2015 was spent in Singapore for a business trip, but since I know a ton of people there, it was pretty much a pleasure trip as well. And this year, another low key one in my new house. So yes, I am grateful for life. 33 years and going strong. Maybe next year, I’ll put this up in London! Stay tuned.

#54 closed. 

Last Thursday, I officially became a home owner. I closed on the property at Creekview. The process itself was pretty smooth and I did not really have big problems to be honest. The biggest problem I faced was second guessing myself on this choice. Have I changed my mind on this? Do I think that this is the best path forward? I still do not know but time will surely tell. All I can do is work with this choice and move forward. It might work out better than I expected or it can be catastrophic, but I know to try it out and figure it out on my own.