#45 Broken.

I broke my pair of glasses earlier, so I am wearing my contact lens so that I do not get dizzy while working. I need to have this repaired ASAP and maybe get another order of contact lens. But, I’m also due for an eye exam, so maybe I can just lump all of them in one go.

This sucks.

#44 Sor(e).

Sor. I have not been very good at keeping this blog updated since my blogorrhea last February due to my Whole30 experience. But, I have some free minutes today and I’m fully making it productive by blogging.

Let’s start this weekend and I’ll work on the other things I want to write on. I traveled to Champaign, Il for a NAGVA league there with my Chicago friends (Rom, Romy) and got to play with new great players as well (Pang, Johnny, Alex, Felipe and Josh). We struggled a bit during pool play where we placed 10 out of 11, even if we won against a team. There were really strong teams and we were still doing a lot of adjustments throughout the day. I also got to play libero for most of the time and I really enjoy it more than being opposite, outside or setter. I’m convinced that I should continue this more and it’s actually better on my knees! On the 2nd day, we won against our first game, but lost the next. There were a lot of things needed to be learned, but I’m gonna be resting a bit for a few weeks to let my body recuperate. I’m sore as hell.


I finally voted last April 15 as an overseas absentee voter. I drove up to Chicago on that Friday and voted. With social media being so prevalent this year, I am getting bombarded with passionate posts supporting and debunking candidates. I like the idea that I have a lot of good friends who are not apathetic, and having intelligent and respectful debates about what we like and what we do not like about candidates. My vote has been cast so I am stuck with it. The good thing is that I do not think I will change my mind. Here’s my roster for this election:

President: Grace Poe

Vice President: Leni Robredo


  1. Rafael Alunan
  2. Sherwin Gatchalian
  3. Richard Gordon
  4. TG Guingona
  5. Risa Hontiveros
  6. Lorna Kapunan
  7. Susan Ople
  8. Sergio Osmena III
  9. Jericho Petilla
  10. Ralph Recto
  11. Joel Villanueva
  12. Juan Miguel Zubiri

Party List: Mata

#43 Chillax

I like chill weekends. There’s no need to keep it busy or productive, but it’s just a weekend that I’m really enjoying. After last weekend’s NAGVA stint, a nice uneventful weekend is really something I’m enjoying. Next weekend, it will be a bit busy once again since I’ll head up to Chicago to exercise my right to participate in the Philippine elections. I can also play some volleyball with friends and hoping to meet new ones. 

It’s a bit strange because yesterday, I was thinking of living life alone and just being sad about it. But, today, I do not feel that at all. Life is life and it’s what we make the most out of it. There’s no time for what ifs, but we just have time for what’s tangible and what’s now. So, I’m trying to put myself in the mindset of enjoying life as it is. 

I don’t know if I blogged about it but my right knee has been acting up already as well. The pain started when I began pushing myself to hit my back squat goal of 220#. I’m at 205 right now, but the pain is just something I need to be wary about. I’ve traded back squats to goblet squats. It helps me maintain good form, but I cannot get to heavier loads. Or maybe I just need some volleyball rest. :-) Not gonna happen I think. 


#42 Something new.

I totally forgot about blogging for the past couple of weeks. I was busy, but not extremely busy that would prevent me from taking time to sit down and write about my life. No excuses really, but let’s just get it on and see how I can further improve my blogging points.

Since my last kinda somber blog, I want to write about new things that I got excited about and one experience that made me feel thankful for good friends. Let’s start with the latter. One Sunday, I locked myself out of the house. I walked out of the door from the kitchen and it was in auto-lock which I did not notice. I did not have my keys, wallet or phone with me. All I had was my trusty Apple Watch which allowed me to call / send text messages to people. Roman and Cams dropped by with tools, and so was Brian and Shane. Brian pointed out how I could enter the house without doing anything and voila, I’m safe inside. I was so thankful for that. Moments like these where I felt very helpless make me dread a single life. I just need to prepare better I guess.

Last weekend, I played my first volleyball league here in the US, and my first time to play in NAGVA. It was really fun! We fought really hard, and I think I played my best volleyball ever during that weekend. It was fun connecting with old friends from Chicago, and meeting new friends in a sport we all love to play. I’m definitely gonna work harder to improve my game, and also continue to join playing leagues / NAGVA until my body gives up on me.

Another thing I’m excited about is a trip to Orlando in May to join the SAPPHIRE conference. I’m pretty excited about that. It’s my first time to join SAPPHIRE and I’m very curious to learn new things about SAP, and how I can improve the processes at work. Speaking of work, there are just oh-so many changes going on and it’s jarring in a way. I just wish that the dust would just settle so we can start rebuilding everything again and move forward.

#41 estrangement

There are relationships that just die naturally. You think you did not do anything about it, but it just dies. We focus on different things in our lives and sometimes, people get left behind. We change — good or bad — and this has a big effect on our relationships too. It can bring people closer or it causes estrangement.

It made me wonder because I think I am going through this. I feel that something has changed that I cannot even identify. You do not talk, chat, hangout or what not anymore. They all add up and eventually you realize there’s a big chasm that you cannot bridge anymore. You cannot connect. As a knee jerk reaction, you try to salvage it, but it’s too late. What’s done is done. And, you rationalize, it might be better this way. Is that true? Today, it sounds good because like any loss or failures, it will get better. You will learn to walk on without the crutch and you’ll be able to run until your next stumble.


#40 Meh.

I have not posted again for quite some time since my little booboo with my car. Nothing much has been happening really exciting so far. I’m mostly feeling tired, and overwhelmed because of all things going on in work. It’s not the best of times, but I just need to to trudge on and brave the storm.

So, let’s talk about some wins. I finally reached 205 lbs for my back squats. The goal is around 220 which is roughly 1.5x my weight. According to the Jump Bible, this is a minimum to ensure leg strength. I need to start incorporating back strengthening because the setback with this progress in my squats is my back get sore as well. I feel fit, which is good, but I just need to feel better overall. I might need to step back once again and assess how I can improve my mood and focus on priorities.

I also bought a slow cooker and I tried it yesterday with a Whole30-compliant Chicken Afritada. I had it for lunch but the chicken and the veggies are just too mushy. So, I need to find slow cooker recipes that I can try and hopefully, the proteins do not dissolve.

With work changes, my personal priorities in 2016 might actually change as well. It’s not up in the air if I need to do another move this year. I don’t know if I should settle already to buy a house, or do another move to an apartment (that allows pets). I don’t know yet, but that’s shaping up. With this, I’m thinking if executing my vacation plans makes sense financially. Well, it’s spring time anyway, so maybe it’s time to start looking and keep my mind open to options.

It’s almost bedtime for me and when I wake up, it’s Friday. Oh god, thank you. I need this breather and wrap up my 2015 taxes, experiment more on slow cooking, and clean up my house. If I finish everything by Friday, maybe I can do a road trip somewhere. Let’s see.

Scratched off

I scratched my car yesterday. It was really my fault and I can’t blame anyone about it. 

It happened when I was trying to get in to the garage and I miscalculated my turn. Now, I have to figure out what I want to do with it. Do I want to have it replaced? Do I want to just keep it on? Any action I can do in between? I don’t know yet.

The days have been pretty since the weekend. I really miss spring and being able to go out without any winter clothes. The weird thing though is that I have been feeling off. I think my fatigue has settled back in. So, maybe it is a change of weather thing? Or I am just overdoing it with everything that I am doing right now? I honestly don’t know but I’ll continue to monitor.