#65 Life planning.

Tis the season! December is fast approaching and it’s actually Thanksgiving this coming week. Other than planning my Black Friday shopping list and route, it’s also that time of the year where I brush up on things I’ve done this year and look into things I wanted to do this year. It’s time to be introspective and really ask the tough existential questions that I usually shrug off.

This time, I thought of changing things up a bit. Instead of planning my life quadrants, I’m thinking of applying some practices in the Agile methodology and test if this will apply better. Not that I’m failing miserably in my annual plans, but what I realized this year is that I can’t plan life using static assumptions and goals. Life is ever changing and I need to be able to adjust and pivot. Clear example this year is that I bought a house and I had to drop my London plans, and I’ve been having some knee issues that totally obliterated my volleyball aspirations for 2016. 2017 is even up in the air.

What I want to do is to establish a vision that will be the guiding principle of the things I am working on (backlog). Then, I will review that “backlog” regularly and adjust accordingly. The idea is to have a bucket list of sorts that will shape my vision of happiness/success. I don’t know if it will work or not but there’s no harm in trying right? I will create a Kanban board to track the following:

  • Life list – things I want to achieve that are still rough and need some further thinking to detail out the means to achieve it.
  • Storyboard – things that I want to refine and work on. Items from Life List will go here before getting to the Refined List.
  • Refined list – backlog of things that have been well thought of and ideally have clear paths on how I will work on them.
  • Done list – things that I’ve completed.

Now, the tough part – what’s that vision?

#64 roughed up

This week was not good at all. usually, I’d even qualify an uneventful as week as so-so, but there’s really no reason to sugarcoat it. It’s a terrible week. It all started with Trump’s win in the US elections. The dark cloud and negativity stuck with me until this moment. It has been tough dragging myself out of the rut. I remember when Duterte won, it took me a day or two to shake it off because I rationalized that it’s the Philippines’ problem now – you reap what you sow. But now, it hits close to home. I feel helpless and clueless. I do not know what the future will bring because I do not know what this new government will do. Based on their ideology, it’s no good at all.

The little win this week is that the knee brace is finally off. PT has restarted once again and I noticed that my knee is weaker than the last shot. I’ll have to get focused in getting my knee working normal and strengthen it beyond my old levels. I need to be better. This is the only thing that is keeping me sane and grounded. 

Another unfortunate event this week is that I bumped another person’s car. :-( I was backing out of my garage and I did not see a car was park opposite the street. My car sustained some damage but the bump left a dent in the other person’s car. Ugh. Not a good day at all.

I need to shake this negative feeling and start do something productive or fun. I need to get back to the gym and get my heartbeat up. I’m up to 153 lbs and I think it’s all because of the carb loading I’ve been doing trying to keep my spirits high. Food is such an upper for me but it also makes me fatter. Back to broccoli, and other low carb options. Self-discipline is needed. I can do this. 

#63 loss

Today has been rough for me. I did not know that I was so invested in the presidential elections here in the US that it shook me to the core learning that Hillary lost to Trump. I could not understand it and it does not make sense to me. But, this is the democractic process. Trump had the majority of the electoral college and Hillary fell short. It’s devastating. And, the uncertainty of the future scares me.

Similar to Duterte, I will give him the benefit of the doubt and hope that the rhetoric and his anti-establishment credentials will usher progress in Washington. Let’s see.

#62 symposium

I spent yesterday and today in a conference attended by selected GE Asia Pacific American members called InDiGo – GE APAF Symposium. It’s basically a leadership conference for the GE Asian community where they invited various speakers to provide insights on leadership and also the opportunity to network with other GE employees. To be honest, I was a bit wary in the beginning because I already made myself believe that I’m a shy introvert who will not fit in anywhere. Over time, I forced myself to put myself out there and talk to different people and it felt awesome. There were also great tidbits from various leaders and my key take away is that we need to be comfortable being uncomfortable in order to grow further. It was a great insight and a lesson that I need to learn more especially that I have told myself that I should settle down and just take the easy/comfortable path. We need to grow constantly so we do not stagnate and regress. We need challenges and new life lessons to keep our minds sharp and have a more enriched life. I’ll probably talk more about the other things that I picked up and frame it to my experience as the days go by.


I didn’t have a good sleep last night. I watched the 2nd presidential debate until around 1130 but I was able to doze off only by 1. My mind is kinda floating and nothing is sticking. It’s just like a haze. It’s not a good feeling and I just want to scream. 

#60 PRP 1 of 2.

Last Friday, I had my PRP treatment done on my knee. PRP is Platelet-Rich Plasma. Basically, what they did was draw my blood and centrifuge it to obtain a high concentration of platelet, and inject that in my knee. The idea is that this will aid in rebuilding the patellar tendon tears in my right knee.

The treatment was around 1.5 hours and I had my friend JV wait for me. It was actually not that bad. There was an initial pain when he injected some anesthesia in my knee and that was it. I was laying down so I did not really see what he was doing with the syringe, but Dr. Velasquez used an ultrasound to aide him in determining which area he should fix.

After the shots, I was put in my knee brace and I will continue to wear this for a week. So I was practically just at home the entire weekend since Friday. The first two days, I needed to lock the brace and couldn’t move it at all. But today, I was able to add some degrees here and could sit with a 30-degree bent. It should progress until the rest of the week and I should be off the brace by end of this week and then I’m going to be in PT starting the week after before the 2nd PRP injection on the last Friday of October.

I really hope this works and can eliminate the pain in my knee and get me back in the volleyball court. My forecast is to be back in the court by Febuary 2017, but let’s see. I do want to really build the right strength not only for my knees but overall. I’ll update more as I progress but so far so good. I’m optimistic and will try my darn best to make this work.

#59 indy!

I have not really explored Indianapolis thoroughly so I was pretty excited going there for the weekend and see what it brings. It is a nice break too from Cincinnati and before my PRP treatment for Friday. 

I have not been to affluent Carmel ever except for the occasional mention of Brian. I ended up there because Moi was living there so it was the “home base”. Carmel reminded me a bit of Sagautuck so it was pretty nice and artsy. There were nice pieces on sale because there was also an art festival, but I just can’t make myself buy such expensive and impersonal art. If I’d buy a piece, I want something that ties me to it. So, I might bring out my camera again and start snapping photos. Sounds promising right?