AI: Top 10 performances by Girls

I caught the girls’ turn in singing for American Idol. I heart Ayla because she is really hardworking and it shows. However, I’m not sure if she’ll last in the game. Like Ronald noted, Ayla represents the perfect girl in highschool that everyone likes but secretly hates because she’s just so damn lucky who has everything. This girl has a basketball scholarship, straight As, popular, daughter of a senator and media personality… everything! Then, you look at yourself and feel small and think why this girl is sooo lucky?! So, there’s a sense of ressentiment and not vote for her.

Second in my favorite this week is Mandisa! We have a shouter. The start was rough but her expertise in belting pulled her through. Her version of Cry is amazing.

I want Kinnik Sky, Heather Cox and Brenna whatever out of this competition. I don’t even know why they even got in?! Sana si Carol Banawa na lang ang pinasok nila!

Tomorrow, it’s the guys turn! Go Will Makar! I am rooting for you. I wish I can vote for you but the circumstances forbid me to do so. I hope they pick good songs! Please!


3 thoughts on “AI: Top 10 performances by Girls

  1. I want Kinnik Sky, Heather Cox and Brenna whatever out of this competition.
    I think they’re just cannon fodder (hahaha). But yeah, Brenna is annoying. Kinnik can sing but she’s not memorable. And as for Heather, I think Becky just took the fall for her.

    Go Will Makar! I am rooting for you.
    Ako rin! I hope he picks a good song and does well tomorrow! His song choice last week kind of hurt him. Prom date!!!!!!!!

  2. I hate Ayla but she’s good and I can’t help but like her singing! LOL I wish she’d get voted off and they let Melissa through. :D LOL

    I so heart Kellie and Katherine!!! :D LOL Kellie, I think did well tonight. Although, I didn’t like Katherine’s performance, as much as last week, I still think she’s the best out of them all! :D :lol:

    Tomorrow boys! Go! I’m excited for Taylor Hicks, Will Makar and Sway (the headtone got me hooked on me! I can’t get Reasons out of my head now)!

  3. ohh

    ohhh ditto!! i don’t like her too. She seems to have everything and it’s just unfair if she wins american idol too!

    She must suffer like all of us normal people :P

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