American Idol

From 20, they become 16…

1. Brenna whatever
2. Heather Cox

Amen, America! I am extremely happy that Brenna and Heather are out. Finally. I want Kinnik out next. I think Melissa might be saying goodbye too. Or Ayla, maybe.

1. David Radford
2. Sway Penala

For the guys, I am happy as long as Will is still in the competition! I just want him to make the top 12! :) But, it was really scary because before the last bottom 3 was named, it was just Kevin “Chicken Little” Covais and Will “Brady” Makar! David is too boring already in the show and good thing America realized that. Sway is just an ewan for me.


5 thoughts on “American Idol

  1. 1. Brenna whatever
    2. Heather Cox

    1. David Radford

    Yahoo! They’re gone! Especially Brenna! Hated her.
    Will is safe so I’m happy too :) I’m scared for him next week, though. He really needs to make a good song choice!

    1. I think with the way the show is going… one of the last two slots will go to chicken little because he’s really creating a fan base. The Gideon, Bucky and Will will slug it out for the last. :p Just my take on it. Gideon’s actually good, if you get past the weirdness. Bucky is forgetable but he’s good also. Will, I think isn’t as good as them but he’s got likeabilty. IF he does great this coming week, I’m sure he’ll go through to the next round or it might be Gideon’s slot.

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