March to the Podium

Today has been such a treat. Me and some officemates went to Podium because they were starting their 3-day summer sale. Actually, I didn’t buy anything but helping out Jena and Auds was really fun! Bayo and Kamiseta were selling all items 50% off! Auds and Jena were ecstatic and I gotta agree that it was truly a great deal.

Afterwards, I did some work and proceeded to our Coffee Talk. It was actually great to hear great news going on in our organization. I think I need to be more active in the company and create initiatives that will truly make our lives easier and funner.

For dinner, me and my parents went to Steaktown and I had a glorious 1-pound tenderloin steak! It was so tender and delicious. It was heavy in the pocket but it was soooo worth it — as long as I don’t do it everyday, I guess.

Tomorrow will be another exciting day!!! I get to help out in the target recruitment for Ateneo students. We’re hoping that we can convince my fellow Ateneans that HP is the best company for them! We can offer so much and I personally feel that it is a great company to start with because of the trainings and the brand behind it.

I am loving March at the moment!!!


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