American Idol Boot

1. Will
2. Gedeon

TRAVESTY!!! Will was booted off! Sadness. On the other hand, the Gedeon boot was totally unexpected. Even if I am really bothered with his smile and his confidence (or arrogance), he was really uber talented. America got it wrong this week.

1. Kinnik
2. Ayla

I am a fan of Ayla because I know she works so hard and it shows. However, the thought of her perfect life is just too much to bear sometimes. But, I still think that Melissa should have been booted out, instead of Ayla. Kinnik’s elimination is inevitable. She bothers me — the same way I am bothered with Gedeon.


6 thoughts on “American Idol Boot

  1. yay! I never like Gedeon… people will get tired of him eventually and the painting, oh please… and he’s too old for his age… or at least he thinks he is…

    but I liked will, but he’s still too immature to handle the negative comments from the judges week after week (he was forcing smiles til the end of the night), so I think he’s better off gone… though Will is better than Kevin I can’t help but like Kevin, but I didn’t like his performance last night (totoo naman sabi ni simon na parang bata na kumanta sa harap ng mga kamag-anak eh… he doesn’t know how to choose his songs), but he takes the criticisms with more maturity… i think…

    1. he was forcing smiles til the end of the night
      I don’t know how true this rumor is but I’ve read in a forum that Will’s grandmother died that night, and then he gets criticized by the judges. That would probably explain why he was forcing himself to smile. Poor kid.

      I still think Will should’ve gotten in instead of Kevin (who’s the most likely to end up being tortured a la John Stevens).

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