Earlier, I was rereading my previous posts in my journal and my goals before graduation caught my eye. It made me smile actually thinking how different the situation then and now. A year ago, I held no tangibles. I only had ideas from my peers, teachers and career counselors. I had this general goal/direction: get an IT job, get a degree in MBA, and be an entrepreneur.

I got the first goal, an IT job and I would say that I am really happy at the moment. The MBA is something questionable now because I can’t see the importance of it in my life plan anymore. Currently, the promising next step for me is taking a certification in SAP. How ironic because if this idea was thrown to me a year ago, I would have laughed because I knew that I didn’t want a long term IT career. Something changed, I guess. I never even thought that I will get a SAP career then. I was just concentrating on database solutions such as PHP or ASP. Life is just plain unpredictable.


2 thoughts on “Changed

    1. Hahaha! Pre-set na yang layout na yan sa LJ pero ang nice diba? Siguro pag may site na ako, similar to that layout.

      Gulat nga ako na parang feel ko na maglong-term IT. Ang weird no?! Pero wala (pa) akong balak mag CIO. Di yan ang direksyon ng buhay ko as of now!!! Hehehe!

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