Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda…

I should really be sleeping now but weirdly, sleep hasn’t come to me yet. I am still wide awake feeling a mixture of emotions coursing through my arteries. Why, you might ask? I just had a nice trip to memory lanes. I don’t know what really prompt this but the next thing I knew, I was checking my RegCom files and all the procedures, versions of RegCom04 website and promo materials. I then checked my Aegis files and noticed how similar the files I used then to my line of work now. And, then, pictures. Darn those pictures. It made me feel nostalgic seeing my carefree college pictures where my barkada and I just spend the day camwhoring. I also saw the RegCom 04 members who I really, really treasure because I discover many things about myself, others and the world. The course pic during graduation made me smile thinking that Ma’am Didith’s premonition was correct, most if not all of us will be employed and be successful — something that I want to see. Something that struck me the most is how different you are after a year or two. Of course, I am quite fatter these days — 30 pounds heavier to be precise. Honestly, it was like seeing a complete stranger. It just proves that change is the only constant thing in the world. It is straightforward and unforgiving. Darn you life.

And now, I shall sleep. I should be.


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