Singapore Blues

I’m back in Singapore for 3 weeks due to the project I’m in. Singapore is different this time compared to the last time because it has been raining daily. Not that I am complaining with the rains (I actually love it), but I just don’t know how I can move around Singapore with the weather. At least it’s not really, really hot like what I experience in Manila. Much, much better compared to Manila heat! =)

I think I should be cutting down with my food intake because I don’t want to be fatter. Before I left for Singapore, I had a last minute trip to Bench for another 2 pairs of pants. Guess what’s the waist line of the pants… 33. Friggin’ 33. Ugh. This is too much. I wanna go swimming here but it has been raining so the water might be really cold. Oh well, rain or shine, cold or hot, I should exercise! I need it. Badly.


One thought on “Singapore Blues

  1. ~

    i went to singapore march 15-19. and i think wednesday or thursday night, i saw you with some of your friends taking pictures at clarke quay (the bars, nightlife thingy place). i hesitated to say hi because it might not be you. magkakamukha kasi mga chinese community. so i was just wondering, hehe!

    anyway, kewlness you get to work in singapore. cheers! ;)

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