Learnings from work

Working has been a great experience for me. Even if it has been a love-hate relationship with this particular career, I can say that it has been relatively smooth for quite some time. I think starting off a bit bumpy made me feel so much better with my job. It made me realize how important our choices impact our lives now that we are out of school. It made me realize that I have to own my work because in the end, your passion and performance would reflect in the quality of your work.

School seems easier compared to work, but it struck me that working can actually be okay as long as you have the right attitude and correct management of your career. You just have to accept that there will always be bad days, but more importantly, most days are actually good. We should just learn to look at the brightside of things and make the best out of the situation. Gawking at the bad situation you are in will not solve the problem.


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