Singapore III

It has been a crazy few weeks in Singapore. Of course, the stay has been enjoyable with all the great food that I got to eat and the great shopping places to visit. Of course, that assumes that you have loads of money to spend here. And, that’s the thing, I don’t have that much dough to spend here. So, it’s better to head home and enjoy great cable and local shows in the tellie in the comforts of my room.

Anyway, I am going home on May 20 and I feel a bit of excitement coursing through my body. I can’t believe I am so excited in going home. Maybe because I only think of this trip as a business trip and not a permanent thing. Of course, the constant reminder is not having a Singaporean salary. Haha!

But, in a more personal note, I was able to buy a lot of good stuff. I got 2 G2000 long-sleeve shirts that only costs SGD 16 (PHP 540) each. I also bought perfume for my father (since it was birthday last May 5), and CK Crave for myself. And, finally, I bought my birthday gift na, the LV wallet I’ve been eyeing. It’s quite pricey but like my mom told me that it’s my money that I earned so I have the right to use it. It is my first luho buy.

I don’t know if I gained a lot of weight this time but I’ve been trying my best to control my food intake. Of course, most of the time I lose in the battle. Maybe, I can still lose some of the inches some way. I don’t know how though.


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