Fat TV

I finally got home yesterday. FINALLY! I’ve been dying to go home already because it was sooo horrible not to be able to watch good TV. The hotel provides the suckiest array of channels. Only one is worthwhile and it’s a local channel. So, cuts, cuts, cuts galore! Ugh!

Now that I am back in Manila, I know that it’s also back to the grind of things. Enduring the sardines-like carriages of the MRT is just one of the small reminders that Philippines is no Singapore. Yesterday, the family and I had some dinner in Emerald. It was still delicious!

Talking about food makes me depressed. I just weighed in yesterday and I reached 71 KG already. That means that I already weigh around 155 lbs! ::faints:: I already told my mom that I am not undergoing fruit diets every weekend to lessen my food intake. I really need to cut down on my carbs and increase some protein in my diet. Then, cardio, cardio and more cardio. Hopefully, these steps will help curb my rising weight.

For the next few weeks, it will be really busy. I might not be able to work from home for the next few weeks to accomodate all the things that I have to do. =( But, I am excited as hell to finish this project and go on to the next one. I wonder what it will be…


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