X-Men 3: The Last Stand

Along with some blockies, I caught the movie earlier and I think this is my least favorite X-Men movie. A big part perhaps is the departure of the original director in this project. Maybe I’m just looking at the great direction of the previous movies. Anyhow, the technical aspect of the movie is superb. I am still at awe sometimes with what our technology can do nowadays. Now, for the acting parts, it was still a bit wooden for me.

Storywise, I think it was dreadful. Okay, I know that the movie is going on its own storyline but you can’t stop comparing it to the original comic version. And, what’s with the “let’s put Halle and Hugh at the center of attention only” treatment. Jeez. That was far-fetched. Character development was extremely poor. Angel only appeared a minute or two at the start, middle and the end. Collosus was also underdeveloped. Ugh.

I was expecting too much but I was still entertained in general.


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