Hot Trip

Commuting to work earlier was dreadful. First of all, it was really, really hot and humid. And, I planned to work thicker clothes today because it was really cold in the pod where I am squatting for a few days/weeks. So, it was extremely hot talaga.

I had to go to work earlier than my usual because I’m handling the preparations for our PD Bootcamp. So, I had to do things way earlier than usual. It’s annoying but it’s part of work.

Anyway, since it was way too early, I had to join the rush hour and the buses were really full. I had to stand up in the bus and be squeezed inside. =( Afterwards, in the MRT ride, I was seated beside a guy who reeks matanda. His scent was awful. =( It was like a mixture of efficascent (sp?) oil, sweat and tiger balm. Basta, ang baho. =(


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