A much needed update!

I am back once again here in Robinson’s Galleria enjoying a nice Caramel Macchiato and Chocolate Walnut Brownie. Yes, I am using the free wireless access here in the mall and it was such a great treat that it is readily available for the middle class to use and to some extent, exploit.

Anyway, life was extremely hectic last week. I am so thankful that I am enjoying a 3-day weekend. I can just relax and lounge at home (or in this case, the mall) and not think anything work-related. It was really, really difficult shuffling an important training with the global product owner, and the cutover rehearsal activities. Of course, you just have to add all the meetings that were set! I am so thankful that we are recording the trainings of Alejandro. It is a great initiative but like all new initiatives, there are bumps and booboos along the way. Importantly, you learn from the mistakes and rectify them in the next run.

In a personal level, I cannot believe how disconnected I feel with my barkada. I think it is a bad case of withdrawal. It is extremely difficult maintaining relationships when you have a professional life that is so demanding. Of course, you cannot just think of your own life but with the others as well. I realized that it takes a ton of effort from all parties to be able to maintain relationships. Echoing Trisha’s sentiments a few posts back, it is a scary thought that there is a big chance of losing your connections because of distance. During college it was so easy because you belong to the same sphere; you belong to the same school. After all the building of relationships, like a castle made of cards, one blow of the wind can easily topple it down. You have external forces conspiring against you and you feel helpless in these attacks. In the end, you just hope that your connections can stand the harsh realities of the world, and try to your darn best to make it happen. Easier said than done but that’s the only remedy. 

Financially, I am extremely broke this month. My credit card bill is just so big! I didn’t even realize how big it as grown and it is extremely depressing. Especially that you know that you were the one who made created the gargantuan bill. Putting salt to the wound, I need to cover for the currency loss for my American Express card. I will pay for it on Friday. I think I am covering almost 6,000 in currency loss. At least, I will be relatively rich in July. Yes, that’s all I can do — look at the bright side.

Going back to personal stuff, I cannot believe that Patricia Isabel T. Migallos is leaving Manila. Boo you! Well, that’s just the immediate reaction, but I am extremely happy for her that she is fulfilling her dreams. I know that she wants so much to study more, and she is actually getting it. Only a few of us can really reach our goals and dreams and Trisha is one of them. I am so excited for you!!! When I have some extra bucks or something, I will try to visit you there in OZ. Good luck in this new phase of your life!

By the way, I lost 3 pounds! Cheers for me. I weigh at 150 lbs flat. 10 more pounds to lose and I will be a happy camper.


One thought on “A much needed update!

  1. HOY. You better update more often so I know what’s going on with you. But thank you thank you dear! So excited for Saturday. Ü

    Yes, please visit me! Sana dun nalang yung next project mo. Yey! That will make me a very happy girl.

    Love you dearie! I’m going to miss you so much!

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