Banging Hard Drives

I blogged a few days ago that my hard drive crashed on me. I spent countless hours googling for solutions for this problem. All I learned were unorthodox solutions and eye-opening learnings about my stupid hard drive.

• My hard drive beeps. I read a lot of forums trying to debunk this claim because hard drives do not have internal speakers. BUT MY HARD DRIVE FRIGGIN’ BEEPS. When I boot up, The HD tries to spin but it can’t and then the double beep happens. A lot of people say that it’s the damn PC Speaker but I already removed the hard drive from the box and placed my ear in the HD and it’s the source of the beeps! Damn it!

• Maxtor has this sickness. I WILL NEVER BUY A MAXTOR HARD DRIVE AGAIN!

• I tried the crude solution of banging the damn hard drive on the floor. Sadly, it still does not work. I found that solution in this link. Desperate times call for desperate measures. I am so close in putting the damn drive in the freezer (another weird solution I read in the net).

Gaaah! I friggin’ hate this hard drive. The worst thing is that I DID NOT BACK UP. I was planning to do it last weekend but I friggin’ procrastinated!!!! Ugh!!! Procrastination is the bane of society!!! Horrible! =(


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