Before anything else, happy birthday Calu! =) I hope greater things come your way.

I can’t believe how different things have become compared to last year. Around this time, I was still in LTI. I already talked with my managers that I wanted to leave the company. Looking at my archive, June 20, 2005 is the exact date when I filed my resignation letter. Of course, a lot of drama happened with that fateful decision but looking where I am at the moment, I just realized that it was all for the best. I am happier right now compared to this time last year.

Another milestone is coming up my way. The first project I was assigned is closing in a few weeks. This might be my final trip to Singapore because I am still uncertain kung anong project yung pupuntahan ko afterwards. But, all is well because wherever it is, it’s another new experience. Basta, huwag lang sana India because I really can’t take Indian food. I think I should align that with my managers pala.

Many new faces are popping up in the office. I already told Jena (or Aren) that I can’t remember all their names. I only remember the names of those in our team but outside of that, I am lost already. But, give it time, I know I can name them all.

On a personal note, there are many movements happening already in my circle of friends. Trisha is leaving for Australia to pursue further studies. My LSGH clique is truly nonexistent already not being able to sustain the ties that bound us during those years. But with all the movements going on, I think it’s safe to say that most if not all are satisfied kung saan sila ngayon. Of course, there are trade offs but perhaps in the greater schemes of things, ganyan talaga. Ay shooters, naalala ko na naman si Mr. Lagliva and his immortal words, ganyan talaga ang buhay.

How I miss college life in Ateneo talaga. Life was so simple then even if we received a slew of quizzes, homeworks and exams. Those were the days that I truly treasure, but like everything in this world, there’s no turning back. I need to move forward with the flow of time.


2 thoughts on “Nostalgia

  1. basta ryan kahit saan man ako mapunta hindi kita makakalimutan!!! you’re like one of my first friends in highschool. mann that was a long time ago but I still am grateful that we became friends. you were very nice and friendly and had a great personality! :)

    hope to see ya around and good luck w/ ur career!!! ^-^

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