It has already become a ritual for me to lounge in Robinson’s Galleria every Sunday. Of course, a big part of it is the comfort it brings. I have a nice spot here in Starbucks with free wi-fi while sipping a tall Caramel Macchiato and eating a pastry that I desire at the moment. Ain’t that life grand? A bit expensive but people do pay big bucks for comfort. Anyway, remembering my college days, I realize that I am already conditioned in Starbucks where I can think creatively and during those days, study. So, here I am again using up my creative juices.

Commenting in one of Shirls’ reply made me miss Philosophy. Shirls and I were usually the partners-in-crime while we philosophize under the trees especially if may parating na exam si Sir Lagliva. Of course, palagi siyang mas mataas sa akin pero it was fun. We would talk about the subject matter and it usually revolves around the concept of meron and I can say so much about it because it makes sense, and that has become my perception of philosophy: logical, practical and sensible. Unlike Theology, where there’s a precondition of having faith. Don’t get me wrong, I believe that most teachings of the Church are morally correct but not all. Well, this is a longer discussion that should be expounded in a future date.

Back to my point, philosophy gave me answers to some gaps that I can’t answer in my life especially when I question the importance of my existence and why evil men and women still walk the earth. For some people, they found those answers in faith and religion, but for me, I found them in philosophy.


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