Storm in Singapore

I feel tlike I am in the eye of the storm at the moment. I recall during the typhoon Rosing ages ago, the rains and wind was so strong for a lot of days. And then, for a day, it was just pure silence. The sky was still gloomy but there was no rain and wind. According to Ernie Baron (RIP), that was the effect of being in the center of a storm. On that day, there was also a solar eclipse so we did not see it. =( But I am departing from my original point. Work was stressful for a couple of days already since I landed here in lovely Singapore a week ago. Yesterday and today, it was kind of quiet. It’s a big lull in the storm called “project cutover”.

I haven’t found the time to look around Singapore because of the onslaught of work. For the first time, I experienced working on Saturdays and Sundays to support on-going operations impacted by our project. I haven’t even been to Sim Lim and I want to buy a 2GB SD card for my camera which I will also use as a thumb drive through a card reader. It’s cheaper and I have more use to it. =)

On another note, I am so excited to go home and await the showing of Sukob. I already watched the full trailer ( and it looks interesting. I will surely watch this. :)


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