Storm.SONA.Miss U

I found it really weird that the Palace decided to suspend almost everything in Manila because of a typhoon that is miles away from Manila. I encountered worse storms than this and I still went to school. Ugh.  Even if they don’t mention it, they just want to call of, er, everything so that we can all watch her very loooooooong state of the nation address.

Anyway, before that, Miss Universe was so anticlimactic for me. Puerto Rico? Again?! Ugh! Before the final question, I knew that the countries with the best shot were Paraguay and Japan. But after hearing Puerto Rico, Paraguay and Japan’s answers, I knew that it was another Puerto Rico win. Darnit.

For the SONA, it was soooo long. GMA looked like she was drowning in her red gown. Was that gown for her or for Loi?! But, taking her SONA as is, great plans! Those were great plans that I fully appreciate. But, where on earth are you gonna get money to fund those?! Ugh. It’s just another great picture painted by GMA.

Oh well, life is that way.


2 thoughts on “Storm.SONA.Miss U

  1. Yeah sawang-sawa na ko sa mga countries na nananalo. I say give others a chance.

    Did you notice that USA always makes it to the top 20 (most of them reaching the top 5)? I don’t know if they really deserved it all the time, or it’s just because they’re a big, powerful country and all that, that it would be an insult if they didn’t make it… I wonder what would happen if USA didn’t make it to the top 20. War?

  2. dear lola ryan, because i am teaching math, i am now paying attention to numbers. gloria mentioned that because of the new taxes, there is now money for her projects. that was the one of the first things she said in the sona. she says those in congress who passed the new taxes are the true friends of the filipino nation. and because i am a math teacher, when students do not have classes, we also don’t have work. it’s fun.

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