First of all, thanks to all who greeted me on my birthday yesterday! I can’t believe that I’m 23 already. Jeez, I feel so old na talaga.

I didn’t go to work yesterday because I thought that it was a high crime to work and be stressed on your birthday. So, I used one of my compensatory day-offs and enjoyed waking up at 10AM. I lounged at home enjoying my Kris Aquino fix with Game K N B?! So, it was pure relaxation.

I headed to Robinson’s Galle to leech off the wifi and have a nice merienda in Dulcinea. Grabe, I ate so much!!! I had churros, spaghetti and a pitcher of fruit shake. Splurge talaga. Afterwards, punta ako sa Gateway to meet with Ronald and watch Sukob! I totally love Sukob! Super galing ng direction, cinematography and story! And, nakakatakot din siya! It’s like one of the best Philippine movies this year. I am extremely happy.

Tapos nun, I met with my parents and ate in Sun Moon (yes, Cookie, another Chinese restau). Too bad my appetite was out of the window because I ate too much Holy Kettle Corn.

I’m in the office right now because as of last Wednesday, ang alam ko, we have to support cutover today but apparently, our PM emailed last night at 7pm na hindi na raw kailangan. Ay sus. So, medyo sayang ang punta ko sa work diba? Sadness. Oh well, at least, free internet. :))


6 thoughts on “23

  1. omg

    sabi ko na nga ba!

    sabi ko na nga ba!

    i totally forgot!!!!!

    i knew na i forgot something nung july 28!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Re: omg

      hahaha! Diba nga i was extra generous last Friday! Big hint hint na yun no!!! :P

      Apparently, only Velasco and Inay remembered. Even Salamat na kasama ko manood ng sine, hindi alam!!!

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