Hush hush

Super gustong gusto ko magblog yesterday pero because I don’t have the phone line to do that. I feel so crippled without a phone line! Grabe! Kahit dialup wala ako!

Yesterday was still productive even if I didn’t have the chance. Since I wasn’t able to connect via the internet, I had to settle with the laptop and the word processor. I am working on two hush hush literary projects right now. One is a fan fic and the other is a screenplay that I hope to send sa mga chuvang contest sa Pinas next year. Basta, exciting siya. I just hope maipagpatuloy ko ‘to.

I also caught the first episode of Philippine Idol. It’s too early to say whether I liked it or not pero parang contrived and fake yung ibang contestants. It’s like they got mediocre actors and actresses to pose as wannabe singers! Ewan ko, yun lang yung impression ko to some of those who joined. I have some early favorites na actually pero I am not sure if they will prosper pa so hush hush din muna. Pero so far, entertaining naman! The judges are effective and not rip-offish. Even Ryan Agoncillo was likeable. Aabangan ko ulit next week.


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