One of my favorite villains in Harry Potter is the vile Bellatrix Lestrange! I think she’s worse than Voldemort and extremely insane. Loves it. And guess who is playing her in HP: OotP!

The incomparable… Helena Bonham Carter!

I think she’s one of the most amazing thespians of our time. It’s a perfect cast! When I recall her in the movie, Merlin as the evil Morgana, it was just a perfect fit!
I am so excited.

Maybe book 6 or 7 will be directed by Tim Burton. Wishful thinking.


5 thoughts on “Bellatrix

    1. really? hahaha!!! kapatid siya ni narcissa black na naging asawa ni lucius malfoy na tatay ni draco na kaaway ni harry potter. so feel ko tama lang sa edad. :))

  1. wishful thinking talaga. may rumours na si m.knight shsaedlwekw can’t spell his last name daw ang magd-direct. SANA HINDI! NO WAY! tas magc-cameo nanaman siya dun hahahaha


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