Reading Rose’s post made me think hard on love. In bold letters, my dear Rosie shouted out, “can’t buy my love!” and it should be like that, right? In love, all external factors should be thrown out of the window and live through the succulent feeling of loving someone. It should be that, right? Right?

But, it made me wonder if with love, should it be just love? Is it a vile thing to say that financial stability is a factor to love someone deeper? My personal take on it, love is just not enough. I would want a stable partner in terms of personality, chemistry and financials. I want someone who would interest me and will be interested in me. Interest in the sense that we meet halfway and understand compromises and committments. Not only that, our lifestyles and beliefs should not clash — once again compromises. And we should be financially independent to each other that can sustain our lifestyles.

On a more idealistic note, I am envious to those who can just throw everything away for love. Those people who are together merely because of love — no strings attached. Maybe it’s the too pragmatic side of myself.


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