Sunday Outl

It has been a usual thing na for the family to go out every Sunday. Before, it’s not really that way because we usually just stay at home and be lazy. Well, it started with my gym and since my schedule is Tuesday, Friday and Sunday, it was reasonable to also go out on Sundays.

Usually, we leave the house at 11 and we have lunch in A Little Store in Glimore. I have my lumpia fix and then we go to straight to Galle for my gym. After around 2 hours, I meet them somewhere and we go around and do some chit chat. Yesterday, we went to Mega and Shang. I got to buy a new Celio bag after so much internal debate. It was either that or a Lacoste bag which was more expensive. In the end, the stingy part of myself won and I’m a proud owner of a new bag to replace my Lacoste one.

I also saw one of my batchmates in LSGH eating in Cibo. I really don’t know why I’m not the social type and acknowledge others’ presence. Oh well, those are the things that needs tweaking in my life. Be more sociable!

Today is a holiday in Manila. Horray for Ninoy Day. =)


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