One of the things about Dabuzz barkada is spontaneity. Most gimiks and events are not really planned out and we just go out and have fun just because we decided in the last minute. True to that form, Cookie, Robby and I watched Jeturian’s Kubrador in the Megamall (the_court, if we’re still on for Kubrador, I can watch this again). Gina Pareno was a natural in her role as Amy, the bet collector living in the slums of Quezon City. The story and Pareno’s performance were the strongest points of the movie narrating a 3-day pilgrimage of self-discovery and the reality of the state of poverty and Philippine society without being too Lamangan, which is an in-your-face-social-relevant-ang-movie-ko style.

More than the movie, it was great seeing my friends. We haven’t seen each other since June I think and that’s a long time in my books. Robby looks ravishing courtesy of a Bohol tan and Cookie lost a few pounds due to her usual stress-induced sickness a few weeks back. Of course, it’s also music to my ears hearing that I lost some weight. Pumapalakpak ang tenga ko. I miss the others! We should get out some more!

In other news, I am finally finished with all my post startup developments and I am extremely happy! Less stress in my life at the moment. I’m sure Kat will surprise me with my next project. I just hope that it’s a good one. Please. Make it a good one.


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