Being an adult gives you the satisfaction of having an ounce of control in your life. You are considered as an able, thinking individual that can contribute in the society you live in. You can give direction to wherever you want your life to lead to.

So you think.

Even if I always say that I am in control of the situation or anything in life, the truth is that we are not in control. We just think that we control the variables that either pushes or pulls you but in the end, you realize that the power does not lie in your hands but with those variables. It is a scary thought because you want to be able to control and influence things but these things will be the one who influences you and controls you.

In my case, I thought I can influence the direction of my career. It started out that I wanted to do project management work because I am not technical as compared to my coursemates back in college. Then, I started working and realized the amount of work that project management entails. Not only are you managing the project, but also human resources, and to some extent technical resources as well. I feel half-baked still and hopefully, I can grow technically. It’s something that if you tell me 4 years ago, I’ll just laugh at it because I find the idea insane. But, it’s a welcoming thought how observation could influence the direction of my life.


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