I am connected! Holy cow! Yes, I am connected via Ubuntu! I so love you at the moment and I am thankful that I actually ordered Ubuntu before! As a little background, my hard drive crashed on me a few months ago and I still haven’t found the time to update the damn thing. Then, my laptop died on me as well so I have no means to connect to the internet!

I racked my brains on how I can connect to the internet and it occured to me that Ubuntu has a live CD that enables you to boot up in your drive D. Of course, no file saves and most probably, every session will be entirely new. But, it is the best and cheapest workaround at the moment.

I tried it last night and I successfully booted up my desktop even with no hard drive. The problem was DSL. There’s no clear documentation on how to activate PPPoE. Then, earlier, I used the ever-helpful google and searched for “Ubuntu PPPoE”. There are a lot of hits and it appears to be a common problem/question from Ubuntu users. The answer was using sudo pppoeconf. I just needed to configure my pppoe in the internal and it works smoothly now.

My only problem now is adding the meanwhile plugin to GAIM so I can be connected to my company’s server via Sametime. Once that is finished, I’ll be working from home and not be a squatter in the workplace. The setback is that I don’t have my other email which I also need. I just hope that there’s no important correspondence going there. HOPE!!!

Well, that’s for the geeky side of me now.


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