Bad Luck.

I feel so depressed and so stupid at the moment because I was victimized by a thief! A pickpocket stole my wallet! And, it’s not just any ordinary wallet! It’s my Louis Vuitton wallet that I bought last May. :(((( That’s 15K gone! :(

It got robbed from the new The Block in SM North. I was in the Hypermart doing some groceries because of my week-long leave. I already compiled ingredients that I needed to buy for my Carbonara, Hamburger, Taco Salad, and Chicken Rice. But, those dream dishes were dashed by a single event that made me feel so reckless and naive. I was looking in seasonings when I noticed that my black Celio bag was opened. When I looked inside, my wallet was gone!!! I was in panic mode praying that the wallet just fell nearby. But, nope, luck was not on my side on this day and I just accepted the fact that it was gone.

I wish that the person who got my wallet get a very painful death that s/he will suffer not once but infinite times. And, I wish that I’ll be informed of such a momentous event so I can celebrate!


One thought on “Bad Luck.

  1. Sorry to hear you lost your wallet. Looks like even SM isn’t safe anymore. Anyway just be extra careful next time, and hopefully that will be the last stolen-wallet episode you’ve ever have.

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