Leave for the Week (Part 2)

Tuesday was spent indulging my culinary itch. I made a so-so Carbonara. Well, it was not a big blunder because it did taste like Carbonara. But, I mixed the egg mixture in the simmering cream and it made the egg to coagulate. Bad decision. Then, I forgot to put salt and pepper so it was extremely bland. We had to do the seasoning manually pa. So, after the tweaks, it was okay naman and it tasted good. :)

I also configured my router and accessed it. I don’t have to use a dialer anymore to connect to DSL since I put the username/password in the modem. It’s way cool. I also fixed my Outlook to include my work email. I spent hours tinkering with my outlook to get the perfect configuration. I’m happy with it now! :) Yes, I’m an Outlook OC person.

For today, my agenda was to get my ATM card in BPI Main branch in Makati City. My mom decided to come along so we went there. I got my ATM and we went to LV to look for prospective replacements for my LV. I came up with two options.

Option 1: PhP 16,200

Option 2: PhP 21,600

I like Option 1 over Option 2 but my upcoming trip to Singapore might sway my decision. My mom is telling me to look in other brands, but LV is LV.

We had a late lunch in Big Buddha and as usual, I had lemon chicken. I am so predictable when it comes to food. I think it’s because of my irrational pickiness when it comes to food. Anyway, we then walked to G4 to look around, however it was closed and there was smoke coming out. Yeah, a part of G4 was on fire. Later on when we reached home, I would learn that Luk Yuen was the source of the fire. No window shopping for the two of us and we went home.

Tomorrow, I’m not sure what my non-work adventure will be. But, on my list, I’ll be applying for a student’s permit to drive and go to the gym (if I’m stupid enough, I might drop by sa coffetalk). I am such a late bloomer. Ugh.


5 thoughts on “Leave for the Week (Part 2)

    1. yikes! you lost your wallet how? sorry… di ako masyadong nagchcheck ng lj ko… just email and pag may time, yung ljs nyo… so if naka friends only, di ko nababasa…

      mas gusto ko yung pockets ng option 2… kahit yung color… but of course, that’s just me… :P

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