Something to learn

I never thought that I would learn something during my leave from work. Well, it was more like an epiphany that struck me while waiting for my parents in McDonalds. I already wrote this in my written journal so I hope my thoughts are more coherent.

Everything that has happened this week made me realize further that you do not get what you want all the time. Not everything goes your way and sometimes if not most of the times, things will go awry and you need to learn to move past those obstacles because that’s what life is all about — moving forward regardless of impediments you face in your way.

My wallet was stolen from me. I did not get the project that I was hoping for. My mother foiled my plans. Glorietta closed down after being hit by a fire. All of these things were the curveballs of life that I never anticipated. They were things that I guess, made my life more interesting even if it infuriates me or depresses me. It is also a reality check that life itself can be ruthless and you are just one of billions of people in this world that also have their own personal wishes and aspirations.

I need to accept more freely that life can suck and it’s not the end of the world. Just take it as a grain of salt, and something that peppers up your life.

Well, I am the person who does not wish for world peace because from my point of view, that will make the world a very boring place to live in.


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