Strike 2: BPI is the devil!

It’s the second Saturday na I received bad luck. The world seems to be conspiring against me talaga and it is not amusing.

Earlier, while we were on break in German 3. I was running low in moola and since, I slept extremely late last night (3AM, because I watched my downloaded Project Runway videos), I was craving for a caramel macchiato. There’s a BPI near Goethe-Institut. I tried to withdraw from the damn machine but it friggin’ captured my ATM card even if I inputed the correct PIN! Travesty.

When I reached home, I called 89-100 agad to know what to do because I was not at fault here. Their machine was flawed! You know what the girl from BPI told me? She told me to go back again in that machine during banking days/hours to claim my card. I told her can they courier my card to my main branch since I was victimized here with their shitty ATM machines. Hindi raw puede and if I want to get sa branch of account, I need to request for a replacement card – ergo, another 50 bucks! I blew my top and verbally abused the poor girl from the phone. I said some, um, colorful words and hung up.



4 thoughts on “Strike 2: BPI is the devil!

  1. That happened to me din! The ATM captured my card even before I got to enter the PIN. I was ATM-less for a few days, and when I finally had the chance to claim my card, they acted as if it was my fault for entering the wrong PIN. But I didn’t even have a chance to enter the PIN! Yes their machines can be really flawed, but they’re blind to that.

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