You Are the One

Monte and I watched You Are the One earlier in Megamall. Matagal ko ng plan to watch the movie because the trailer is so amusing. Well, the movie is really entertaining and the chemistry between Toni Gonzaga and Sam Milby is really good.

Technical-wise, it was visually good. There are many great shots and great images. With the story, it was cute and cheesy at times. It was something that would make girls giggle. Well, a half-naked Sam Milby made others squirm already. Sam and Toni were surprisingly not annoying to watch. Even with if this is their movie debut, their performances were good — well, Sam made a lot of googoo eyes with the camera — stop. f*cking. the. camera.

The movie showed a lot of realities in Philippines like brain drain, fiestas, family, OFWs, and poverty. Over all, it is a good film. It’s worth your 100 bucks imo.


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