Philippine Idol Results show (Wild Card)

Seriously, Philippine Idol has baffled me. The voting pattern has just been strange and unpredictable. And, maybe there’s a grain of salt in what Mau said while beside Suey. It’s not a singing contest, but a popularity one. And that fact is the opposite of the purpose of the whole show.

Anyway, shocks of the night would be Ken and Stef getting in. It’s a what the moment for me because Ken was horrible last night. I mean, I don’t understand the paawa calls they are doing. They’re not worthy. I hope they get voted off agad.

Mau and Gian getting in was the best part of the night. Next week is boring so I’ll skip that.


4 thoughts on “Philippine Idol Results show (Wild Card)

  1. It is becoming a popularity contest – annoying. Kahit saan talaga – mapa-politika, or itong singing competition – pasikatan pa rin. Either that or they look at physical attributes. Take Jelli for example – pasok siya, but she was one of those who got bad reviews, and there waren’t many who got bad reviews. Obvious di ba bakit siya binoto. Sheesh.
    I prefer Suey over Stef as well.
    Namimiss ko tuloy ang American Idol.

  2. One sentence- mabuhay ang provincial votes. Merong provincial patriotism ang mga tao sa Pilipinas, mas united sila than Manila votes. Plus the underdog factor always works. Ken knows how to play the game I guess.

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