Pope vs. Islam

I’ve been hearing so much about the Muslims’ outrage regarding Pope Benedict XVI’s speech. I mean even if what the Pope said was taken out of context, it was still a bit insensitive in his part considering that the history of violence of Islam mirrors the Christian history of violence as well. I mean, this could get really ugly and even if I hate Ratzinger with gusto because of conflicting ideas (we’ll never be friends. ever.), I pity him because he’s in a very compromising position.

In Christian tradition, the Pope is always correct. All the time. 100% correct. Mainly, because the Church said that the Pope is infallible (yeah, right, infallible my ass). So, if Benedict does apologize for what he said, then, it questions that nature of the Pope by itself. Pope should not apologize for what he said — he’s always correct, right? And, it’s funny that the Church is just so “deeply sorry” for reaction of Muslims. It’s like being sorry for people who are in Japan and can’t speak Japanese to save their lives. There lies the disconnect already. It comes to me that the Church is only sorry because Muslim’s do not understand. It’s condescending, which might infuriate them further. It’s like Mel Gibson’s tirade in white garb.

Gah. I hate organized religion talaga. So many complications.

Baka in the end, si Ratzinger pala ang anti-Christ. How ironic, diba?!


5 thoughts on “Pope vs. Islam

  1. I hate organized religion, too.

    Ratzy could be the anti-Christ. He is so unlike the Christ told in Biblical history. The Christ in the Bible loved the so-called enemies (although I still have an issue with the usage of the term “enemies” because it still sounds highhanded) and never said anything ill about them. Tama si Gandhi, “I like your Christ, but I don’t like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”

  2. The Pope can be wrong.

    I hate it when people cite infallibility as an omnipresent thing.

    The pope is only “infallible” when he speaks ex cathedra.

    I believe Ratzinger is wrong here, and I also know he didn’t speak ex cathedra, so I’m pretty damned sure he knows he could be wrong.

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