Weekend Recap

The Game. It was bittersweet for the Ateneo crowd because we won in the Junior division but we lost against USTe in the Senior division of the UAAP basketball games last Saturday. And, it was really heart-wrenching to be actually watch it live. Karla and I were just speechless because you feel hopeless and all you can do is just be sad with the outcome of the game. I hope we win in Game 3!

Dinner. Had some wonderful dinner with friends in Teriyaki Boy. It was really something to be able to still connect to people that you don’t meet everyday but still maintain the relationships that you have established. It was fun and refreshing knowing that there are still there for you.

Lining up. A bit of a history on this… I reached home at 4:30 am yesterday and I was uber tired  since it was like the first time again in weeks that I slept that late. So, I slept and woke up at 10:15 AM. I was still a bit groggy. I then logged in the internet and asked around for tickets on Game 3. I texted RH too since I knew he would line up somewhere.

He told me that he’s already in BEG because Araneta cannot accommodate anymore. Ugh. I rushed and took a bath and begged my parents to bring me to Ateneo pronto. I got there around 11:30 AM and the line already reached the waiting shed. It was not that long yet so I thought the wait would be short since they would be issueing stubs soon. Well, wrong assumption.

Stubs distribution happened 1-ish already and I was 307th. Guess what, they were only giving out 300 friggin’ stubs! UGH! That was plain unfair. A couple of alumni got irritated as well because we were not warned that they were gonna give only 300 stubs. After 30 minutes, they said that those without stubs can only have General Admission tickets! What the?! We were all complaining that it was unfair and the system was corrupt because the capacity of Araneta was 15,000++ and they will only give out 600 tickets?! Maaaaadness!

By 2:30, the guy from athletics office came out again bearing EXTREMELY good news. They were gonna give out additional 100 stubs! So, I got Upper B tickets! Wooohooo!!! I am so excited na and the 4++ hours of lining up paid off. Maybe this month is good after all.

Sore body. The weekend was taxing to my body and I felt it. My body was sore with the fatigue and the lining up. It was just too much.

It’s already Monday and I could still feel a bit of the kinks but I’ll forget all pain as long as I’m there in Araneta… LIVE!!!!

ONE BIG FIGHT ATENEO!!! We can do this!!!


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