Reality Shows

For the past weeks, I’ve been enjoying downloading shows that I miss during the week and watch them during the weekend where I can not think about work and try to be sane. I’ve been getting Project Runway Season 3 and Survivor Cook Islands. This week however, I thought that the House of Carters will be a nice reality TV show to watch. But I am extremely wrong! It’s like one of the most horrible reality TV shows in the world. It looked so staged and plotless! They’re just a bunch of siblings suffering from multiple personality disorder! Ugh! It’s a waste!!! White trash. Ugh.


6 thoughts on “Reality Shows

  1. it is logically incorrect (I think it should be grammatically incorrect too) to use “reality show” and “nice” in the same sentence unless the word “isn’t” is in between.

  2. try Flavor of Love. it’s funny. hahaha.

    one of my faves is beauty and the geek. although wala pang new season, you can download the past 2 seasons, or nasa Star TV na rin ata sya ngayon. :)

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