When I was a kid, I frequently go to Anilao to spend the day under the sun. It was one of the few activities I did outdoors. I would usually go there with my mom, my cousins and Tito Ruben. We would spend the day frolicking in the clear and shollow waters of Anilao. Also, my cousins and I would ride the jet-skis in the deeper part of the sea and go snorkeling. Of course, I get grossed out with the sea urchins which I call walis tingting because of its spine-y nature.

Fast forward to the present and our company’s off-site was held there. Actually, it was just our organization in the Ortigas office who went there and got fried due to the scorching sun. The day started early. Way early, actually! 5:00 AM, I was already in SMPC trying to coordinate with the buses and other bus SPOCs before departure. People started to arrive by 5:30 and by 6:00 we left Ortigas. 3 hours after, we arrive in Anilao excited with what’s in store! For me, it was a trying day because I’ve been sick since Thursday. I think it’s the flu but I think I have it under controlled with the trusty paracetamol – I hope.

The activities that we had were extremely tiring, but the venue was spectacular. It’s a shame that we only have 1 night to enjoy the place and the day was just jampacked with activities! There were games and of course, disputes! But, I think activities like that calls for disputes and verbal barbs because of the inherent competitiveness of the ADSI folks. Still, it was fun.

One of my oh my gosh moments is taking call while in transit via a boat to Sepoc Island. It was just annoying because it’s R&R and work was stilling following me. Ugh. But, even if I only understood 50% of the whole conference, there were some next steps and a bit of relaxation.

I hit the hay earlier than most because my body was about to give up due to fatigue and the state of my health. I heard that most of my teammates had a blast and I think we deserve it with all the stress and horror we get from work. Work-Life Balance working!

The top spot in my oh my gosh moments for the off-site is the trip back to Manila. It was plain HORRIBLE. The driver was just unbelievable. He actually left us alone in the road because he ran out of gas. I mean, how can you friggin’ run out of gas without knowing it considering that we passed a lot of gasoline stations already! Hello?! To cap it off, we spent so much time in the trip, we ate lunch in Sta. Rosa at 4:00 pm! Gosh! It was plain unbearable. I wanted to strangle the driver already and I think it was obvious that I was pissed off. The stress was just so high already and I should be relaxing!!! Ugh.

Focus, now. It’s over. Let’s move on.

Not too sure if my body is capable of going to work because I’m so close to being bedridden.

I’m sick. I need help. I’m gonna die. Ugh. Sick Ryan induces incessant and unnecessary whining.


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