Ugly Betty

The Philippines is celebrating the Eid’l Fitr in solidarity with the Muslim’s end of Ramadan. Of course, it seemed to be a ploy of Arroyo to prove that Imperial Manila in fact values cultural integration with the Islamic community in Mindanao. Most people don’t believe her but she is still the president and she has the power. I am not really complaining one bit because it gives me some time off from being in the office which is already making me claustrophobic and unproductive. A time off is just what I need.

Carrying on, I spent the day watching the first 4 episodes of the new ABC show, Ugly Betty. The show is based on a Colombian telenovela during the late 90s called Yo Soy Betty La Fea. Actually, the American version is being produced by the hot Salma Hayek and she also cameos from time to time in the show as well as a telenovela actress. The show is really enjoyable and the performances of the actors are superb! It’s great TV. A comment though is that it is gravely similar to the storyline of The Devil Wears Prada which I heard is also coming out with a TV adaptation. I guess it will replace Project Runway from the shows I’m downloading weekly.


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