I hate being sick at all. I hate the feeling of misery flowing through your veins as you try to catch your breath after coughing for the nth time, or wasting tissue paper every time you blow your nose. And, to cap it all, your head feels like it was pummeled by a hammer because of the pain.

I cannot believe that I’m sick at the moment. I’m feverish and I have colds and cough. I’m so thankful that our teacher in German decided to cancel our German class today because I don’t think I can stand up and actually go to Goethe Institut. I just want to lie down on my bed and hope that the miserable feeling would pass.

My gym sessions have been affected as well. Because of this ailment, I couldn’t even go to the gym because a relapse or making my flu worse is not something I want at the moment.

I’m too consumed with my dismal situation that I can’t even pinpoint how this happened. It’s just like one day, and bang! I’m down with the flu! Ugh.

Did I mention already how I hate being sick? Oh yeah, I did. But for the record, I HATE BEING SICK.


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