Philippine Idol Top 9 Performance — again

This week’s performance was all about themes. The Idols were given the chance to pick a song that tells the story of their life. In other words, pick a song that you truly love and sing! With this easy theme, the Idols should be in their element and they should be able to perform well.

Weirdly, I find some of the Idol’s song choice pilit. It’s like they picked a song and hope that they can correlate it in their lives. Anyway, it was a spectacular night in Idol which was filled with glamour and talent!

Apple Chiu chose Someone to Watch Over Me and I thought that it was a great performance initially. Half-way, it struck me that the amazing Katharine McPhee also sang this song in American Idol and my mind began comparing the two renditions. In the end, Katharine won. But, I’m not dispelling the fact that Apple sang it well. She did sing spectacularly but Katharine just owned the standards.

Arms Cruz is getting old for me. Her style never varies and she looks old week after week after week. Of course, she sang If I Believe really well and she’s one of the more soulful idols among the bunch. But she’s reaching cabaret status in my list.

Ken Dingle was a surprise. He was actually good. His rendition of Get Here was sang well however, he exhibited once again how to go overboard in singing. Yeah, he has a very big range but can you just sing your song as is?! Isn’t that too difficult to ask? But compared to the weeks before, this is good.

Pow Chavez’s For Once in My Life wasn’t executed very well. The passion was there in her performance but some notes were flying. I’m not sure why but I think Pow’s performances are degrading already and she is becoming to relaxed in this competition. That should not be the case.

Jan Nieto’s rendition of Kailangan Kita is one of the worst that I have ever heard. There was something seriously wrong with his rendition with a lot of flats that were extremely noticeable. Jan, you did not do any justice with this song. I hope I don’t see you next week.

Mau Marcelo was perfect with I Will Always Love You. We have already established that she has the vocal powers to rival Whitney Houston. However, her performance for me seemed like an impersonation contest with the whole package. She comes out in a similar garb as Whitney Houston in The Bodyguard and it was just too theatrical for me. Performance-wise, it was still the best of the night.

This is the second performance of Miguel that I liked. Last week with Harana was actually good mainly because of the correct accompaniment. This week with Sandra, we see a different Miguel. I think he was not awkward and quite confident with his performance. It’s one of the better ones this week.

I don’t know why, but I just couldn’t like Jeli Mateo. Her rendition of You Don’t Know Me was plainly cabaret. Well, she is a lounge singer but I just don’t find it good enough for the competition. She is the weakest vocally among the girls and she seems strained.

Lastly, Gian. He sang Superstar and it was a good one. There were some off moments but generally, it was near amazing. Gian knows how to play the camera and he likes doing it and it’s a good thing for him. Theatrics were trimmed in this performance and it was nice just to see him sing.

Best to Worst in my books
1. Mau
2. Gian
3. Miguel
4. Apple
5. Arms
6. Ken
7. Pow
8. Jeli
9. Jan


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