Philippine Idol Top 7 – Performance Night

The performances tonight were so-so in my opinion. Maybe because most of the better performers were already booted for the past few weeks. Anyway, all we can do naman is support the better players in the contest.

If I were to rank them tonight, here’s the flow:
1. Gian. He knows how to play the crowd and he performed effortlessly. It was also the perfect song choice. :) He got my text vote!

2. Apple. I think she’s one of the underrated players of PI. She delivered a strong performance and it was actually good. The only downside was she was copying Christina Aguilera but she does not have the vocal powers to match Christina. But, good enough for tonight.

3. Jan. He is so inconsistent and he wows us again with his very sexy performance. I just wish he can do it week after week after week.

4. Mau. It was good but she looked awkward. Pero, I kinda pitied her because the judges attacked her looks and weight. I mean it’s kinda true but it’s like they are saying that the winner should look good. It’s so discriminating.

5. Pow. It was not my favorite. It boils down to song choice.

6. Ken. His performance was actually good but his attire bothers me so much.  

7. Miguel. He’s plain awkward. I didn’t feel a connection. He hates this theme and it shows. And he should come out already. Follow Doogie Howser’s example! Come out Miguel from your little rich closet!!

Anyway, I doubt that Miguel will be booted because of his wealth. Pow might be the victim tonight. But, stranger things have happened in Philippine Idol.

Folks, vote wisely! :) You have until 12:30 am to vote.


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