I should be really working at the moment but I think I need a moment to collect my thoughts. I feel that they are so scattered and off. Well, my physical condition is kinda off so, what the heck, right?

I’m finishing my 2nd week here in Singapore and so far, things are kinda slow. I’m not looking for excitement or what-not, but I just feel a bit stagnant here. Bah, I should be happy with it. Okay, scratch that, I’m happy that I have no issues. I just hope that my development would be delivered in good condition. I doubt it but hoping is not a crime.

It’s so difficult to be sick outside of the country. I’ve been feeling feverish since last week (well, since my first day in Singapore) and I’ve felt off until today. I’ve been drinking a lot of liquids and paracetamol to combat the fever and the headache. This kind of feeling makes you want to go home.


2 thoughts on “Interruption!

  1. Get well soon!

    I’m happy that I have no issues

    *Cheers for you hun* wanna share with my issues and baggage? hehehehe joke!

    Take care of yourself there at Singapore! C U SOON :)

  2. I remember before how I used to get really bored and depressed during the second week of business trips…

    Good luck pa rin sa project :) PM na dapat after this ha! Kahit small project lang :D Feel better soon. (Grabe, namiss ko bigla ang chicken rice and chilli crabs!)

    Kamusta na rin pala si Denz?

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