Ewan ko kung bakit pero feeling, I am so burn out already. And, it’s quite shocking because I’m just 23 and just starting out a career for myself. Maybe I’m nearing the start of my quarter-life crisis. I first heard about this crisis from my boss during the target recruitment of HP. We were just lounging in one of the couches of RS, and we were talking about careers and why we are in this career? The easiest answer is that it’s what I studied for. Logic dictates that what you learned and toiled in college should be what your career would be. Case in point, I’m a CS major and I’m in an IT career.

However, what is making you stay and pursue an IT career is the question that I can’t answer? It’s like during Regcom in college. Life was tough mainly because we had to be in school by 6AM and then we get badgered by students who do not get the classes that they want. It’s a thankless job. Pero, I still remained in Regcom because my heart is into it. What I am doing in there might not be fun but I think I stuck with Regcom because it challenges me. It makes me want to be better. And, in my weird twisted way, I see that in my career in HP. I feel burn out and I feel tired with all the issues and developments. And that is normal because we do not want to face adversary all the time. But, I am sticking with this career because I know I can be better and I am challenged to be better.

I just need to be focused talaga and learn to let go of all the negativity. For every stumble, you just have to stand up, move on and learn from those stumbles.


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