Mittwoch im Dezember

It’s already Wednesday for this particular week but it feels like it’s already Friday. I think I’m already in Christmas/Shutdown mode, which actually lowers productivity by a mile. But, the good (?) thing is that I’m not the only one suffering this holiday bug but also some (or is it most?) of my colleagues at work. We are all excited to take a much needed break!

The next year is shaping to be a very busy and challenging week in terms of work. I am going into another project (Kathy sold me!), which seems daunting from my point of view. Of course, I am not really experienced with my current role, which adds to my worries, but I hope the project implementation experience I’ve gained would suffice and carry me smoothly. Life would really be exciting next year but the question if my usual statement of work-life balance is a choice would still hold.

For my one-week holiday, I should be able to do the following:
– get a Student’s License
– watch at least 2 MMFF films
– recharge my dwindling personal batteries (I’m burning out in an alarming rate!)
– improve personal files and financial sheets
– meet college friends!
– catch up with work especially on my sole development


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