2007 Goalsetting

A year ago, I told myself that I wanted to be more passionate in what I am doing or find a passion that I would really want to do. I also told myself that I need to be able to learn on my own — self-sufficiency. These were the top goals that I wanted to achieve for 2006. It was what I wanted to happen this year, but these wishes were not fully fulfilled. I was able to enroll myself in a German class; something that I truly enjoyed. However, work has been a cause of headaches and emotional trauma that made me realize how fast I was burning out. But looking back at the whole year, life has been good to me. It was one of the better years in my life.

For 2007, what do I want to achieve? How do I see myself after another year? All in all, I just want growth. That is my primary goal for next year. I want to grow professionally such that I improve in what I am doing and actually start putting action steps in my career plans. I want to grow my personhood. For the past year, my personal life has taken a back seat because I was adjusting with the transition from being a student to an employee. For 2007, I want to rekindle my ties with my friends (old and new), and really have a good work-life balance. Finally, I want to grow emotionally and removing some excess baggage in my life. There are so many hangups and issues plaguing me that I just want to end them all.

I know what I want to achieve but the big issue is how to achieve them. It’s always easy to formulate goals but the strategies are the toughest ones to formulate and execute. Professionally, I guess I really need to ensure that I am learning in everything I do in work. I need to do some Ryan OC-ness that would make things easier (or harder?) in life. I need to see what project management is all about and what does it take to be a project manager. A good overview is always the good place to start. ;) For my personhood, I am not sure if I can enroll myself again for German 4 because of the travel demands of work. But, I’ll be enrolling myself in driving school so I am excited about that (got my student permit last week!). I hope I can see Trisha and my Ninang Lalaine when I go there in the Land Down Under (knock on wood, sana matuloy!). I hope we can push through with the Dabuzz Beach Retreat that we’re trying to plan. More great food, movies and gimiks! Finally, the toughest is how to address emotional scars and finally maturing. First step is always admit that there is a problem. Then, identify the problems. Find action steps for those problems and execute them. How easy and how PM-ish. Let’s see if I can do that.

Like I mentioned before, 2006 has been a great year. It was a year of stabilizing everything. For 2007, I look forward to the good, bad, and challenging things that life is ready to throw.


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