Fitnessstudio und Kuchen

It was gym day once again for me and I feel really happy every time I leave Gold’s. Maybe the endorphines swimming in my endoctrine track is in full swing. :P Anyway, I love going to the gym on Sundays because the gym is almost empty. I don’t need to fight with other matronics using the machines or the beefcakes in the weights area. Loves it.

Afterwards, me and my parents headed to Shangri La mall to check out the end-of-season sales. When I went to Makati last Friday, Zara was on sale. I fell in love with one of the jackets that was on sale. Too bad that jackets in Zara starts at medium. When I fitted it, I looked lousy because it was still big. Sadness to death. I tried my luck in Shangri La but guess what, the jacket that I saw in G4 was not on sale in Shang! Horrible! Actually, Shang wasn’t really on sale! I should have gone to G4 na lang since it’s better to shop there. Ugh. I was happy in Debenhams though because of the nice items on sale! Too bad my stingy side was acting up so I ended up buying nothing.

Since I wasn’t willing to buy anything, we left Shang na lang and I whined that I was hungry. I told my mom about Conti’s along Connecticut. From what I hear, the Mango Bravo (?) is their best seller so we tried that. We also bought some oreo cheesecake for myself and dulce de leche cheesecake for the momma. Oh yeah, we also picked up a leche flan because it was just 50 bucks. According to the lady, they cooked too much of leche flan so they’re selling it at a lower price (law of supply and demand). I didn’t like Mange Bravo that much. It was just okay and nothing spectacular. I’ll taste the cheesecake later.

That’s all for the day. Tomorrow, it’s back to work. The misery of eternal recurrence.


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