The Tale of 2 Planners

I received 2 planners for 2007. One was given for free by HP, and the other was the result of weeks of going to Starbucks to get 21 stickers and exchange that to a planner. What will I do with 2 planners, right? I was actually stressing myself out a bit because I do not know which planner I would use. Ang laki ng problem ko no? I wish that’s just the problems I encounter in my life. Wishful thinking, Ryan.

My HP planner was nice and very professional looking. My Starbucks planner was classy, and very chic. So, which one to use? I thought really hard about this because it would really impact my life (yeah, right!). After long hours of debate and flip-flopping, I decided to just use both planners! I bring my HP planner to work because I put there all meetings and notes that I have for work. Hence, it is called the work planner. For my Starbucks planner naman, it’s beside my bed where I write down the things I’ve done through out the day. So, journal rin siya that is a bit boring because log of activities and some thoughts too. So, it’s just a plainer version of my blog.


2 thoughts on “The Tale of 2 Planners

  1. First time ko magcollect for a Starbucks planner, and here goes HP suddenly giving us a planner. I just gave the HP planner to my bf coz the Starbucks planner looks nicer and more colorful ;)

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