Betrayed by my body

Strange things have been happening in my body system. I really can not pinpoint the exact reason but my body clock is totally whacked! Once again, I woke up at 4:30 AM earlier and it annoys me because I know that I could sleep a bit longer if my body allows it. However, I was already wide awake so all I could do was open my PC and do some early morning surfing. Ugh.

Around 6AM, I hibernated my PC and prepared to leave. It’s Friday (gym day). When I was already in the bus, two things struck me. One, I was sleepy — treacherous body! And, two, I left my padlock in my other bag. Drat. I had to risk putting my bag inside the locker without a locker except my makeshift lock — a mechanical pencil (juvenile, I know). I was in no mood to complete my workout because my whole mind is not into it. My bag is more important. So, after 30 minutes, I went back to the locker room and took a bath.

I reached the office around 7:45AM — the earliest in my books! I was the first one to arrive I think. The manong guard was still relaxing in his seat because it’s really seldom for people to arrive that time. I was early — too early imho — in the office with nothing to do. I thought that maybe I could go to the derma that Jocy recommended during lunch time. My breakout is really blech already and it’s a big pain. When I called the derma, the secretary (?) informed me that the doctor will be out until Feb. 1. Ugh. It means that I’ll just have to go back to Grace Chua-Ty in Cardinal Santos tomorrow or Philippine Chinese Hospital on Monday. Silly! More pain for me.

For lunch, I was compelled to eat JUST fruits. I ended up getting a pile of papayas and watermelon. After an hour, the watermelon turned into urine and was properly transferred to the urinal. The papaya might follow soon but I hope that happens when I reach home. Now, I am hungry like I haven’t eaten lunch yet. Blech.

My body is betraying me totally and the world seems to be conspiring against me.


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