This weekend has been very productive even if yesterday was one of the most painful moments of my life. My mom and I went to my other derma Grace Chua-Ty in Cardinal Santos and got a relaxing facial and an excruciating cleaning session. I was totally crying after the session. It was really painful.

At home, I left my PC overnight to download Ugly Betty (11-13), The Inconvenient Truth, and The Queen. I ended up watching the episodes and the documentary throughout the day. Ugly Betty was really amazing especially the twist. I really thought it was Fey Sommers from the start but it ended up *tooot*. I’m not gonna spoil it! You go watch it! =) The Inconvenient Truth is another gem. I think it might get the Oscar for Best Documentary and it was really cool. It opens your eyes to the realities of climate changes and the effects of global warming. I want to meet Al Gore now. Hehe.

I’m gonna watch The Queen later and hopefully, I’ll just have praises over the film since it’s been receiving huge praises from critics and moviegoers. Also, Children of Men is still in the list of to be watched fully since I just got to see snippets. It looks good and rough.


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